2 Manchester Clubs Fight Against COVID-19

The fastest-growing pandemic COVID-19 in the world has brought together to 2 Manchester Clubs and their fans also come together in Manchester to fight food poverty and by this, the crisis has also united fans in Egypt, Brazil and beyond.

2 Manchester Clubs:

Manchester United and Manchester City

2 Manchester Clubs
2 Manchester Clubs

Few parts of the world are as devoted to football or defined by the game as Manchester or Merseyside.

The region’s clubs are world-famous and often world hitters, while their fans’ passion is said to reflect a famous quote from a beloved Liverpool manager: “Some people believe that football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with this attitude. I can assure you that it is much, much more important. “

In truth, however, Bill Shankly’s tongue was firmly in his cheek when he said these immortal and often misunderstood words. And while Mancunians and Liverpudlians love their football, they have always demonstrated the ability to keep an eye on the game when unity is required.

Think, for example, of how blue and red mourned when Liverpool was destroyed by the Hillsborough disaster, or the solidarity expressions from Manchester City to honor United’s tragic Busby Babes.

It is no wonder that the clubs and fans of the cities have once again faced the challenge of COVID-19.

Fans of 2 Manchester clubs had already supported this with collections organized by MCFC Fans ‘Foodbank Support and MUFC Fans’ Foodbank. Since the donations were mainly made through events on the day of the match, stopping football activities required a solution. The clubs rose quickly.

A spokesman for MCFC fans’ Foodbank support said, “This will be a huge help to the community at a time when people need it most. We would like to thank everyone who showed that hunger is not wearing club colors and for the solidarity of the community. “

Supporters of 2 Manchester Clubs as well as from across the country and around the world have also gathered behind United striker Marcus Rashford. The English star had set a goal of raising £ 100,000 to care for vulnerable children who normally rely on free school meals, but quickly exceeded that goal and raised over £ 150,000 by this week.

Rashford, who was dependent on such meals as a child, told The Times: “There are people in worse situations than me. They don’t even get this second meal at home, so I wanted to help.”

People are helping to each other

Good deeds and solidarity have prevailed thirty miles west. Here too, the focus was on helping the most vulnerable. The North Liverpool Food Bank benefited from a donation of 600kg of fresh Everton products and a GBP 40,000 donation from Liverpool.

This particular charity benefits from an existing joint initiative – Fans Supporting Food Banks – through which supporters from Liverpool and Everton have worked together to tackle food poverty in the city. And just like in Manchester, the COVID-19 crisis required immediate action as the lack of missing collections became apparent on matchday.

The pandemic and resulting government lockdown has also been shown to exacerbate loneliness and social isolation, which are already important issues in society. Both clubs responded quickly, and youth from the LFC Foundation programs in Liverpool wrote letters and drew pictures to send to residents of local nursing homes who are currently unable to receive visitors.

Everton players and staff have called some of their vulnerable fans directly, including captain Seamus Coleman and manager Carlo Ancelotti, who loved the home-bound Diehards.

Cairo and Rio

Of course, club rivalries were not only eliminated in this global crisis in England. We recently reported how players and fans of the Egyptian giants’ Al Ahly and Zamalek – two of the strongest rivals in world football – came together to help in Cairo.

There was also an impressive expression of solidarity in Brazil, where Rio’s “Big Four” – Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco – joined forces to launch the “There is only one fan base against COVID-19”.

The goal is to raise funds for the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, which has received multiple awards worldwide for its work to improve public health care and promote well-being and social inclusion through science. The money raised will be used by the foundation to treat COVID-19, stop it from spreading, make diagnostic kits, and fund the infection center that will be built at its headquarters

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