200 Days To Go ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020

Prominent personalities from Australia’s sports, media and economy show their support.

The ICC Women’s 2020 T20 World Championship comes with 200 remaining days ahead of the opening game, with hosts Australia competing against India on Friday, February 21, at the Sydney Showground Stadium.

In 2020, two ICC T20 World Championships will be held in Australia. The tournaments for women (February 21 – March 8) and men (October 18 – November 5) will be held nationwide as separate events.

Both events will culminate in the world’s largest cricket ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and will be the occasion to set a new world record for women’s sporting events on Sunday, March 8, 2020, International Women’s Day.

The Local Organizing Committee of the ICC 2020 T20 World Cup is pleased to announce that leaders from across Australia have pledged their support as “2020 Champions” to inspire people to participate in sports for women and girls and to continue the positive momentum ,

The first wave of “2020 Champions” represents a broad cross section of the Australian community, all sharing a passion for the power of sport to stimulate positive change.

The initial list of ‘2020 Champions’ is listed below

Elizabeth Broderick AO, UN Special Rapporteur and Independent Expert on discrimination against women, Founder Male Champions of Change said:

We know that a single sporting event can change the heart and mind in ways that could otherwise take years or even decades. Seeing that our entire community is behind the growth of the women’s cricket, this event will send a strong message worldwide. “

General Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC: Former Governor-General of Australia said:

“I am delighted to show my support for the Cricket T20 World Championship in 2020, especially for Australia’s great ambitions for the Women’s T20 World Cup.” As Governor-General, I was proud to have worked with Cricket Australia to win the 2015 World Cup Establishing XI of the Governor-General to support the development of women’s cricket here in Australia, I am confident that the T20 World Championship for Women next year will only accelerate the growth of the game for women and girls here and around the world. While I support the home team, I know that we can all look forward to entertaining cricket from all the participating teams, and I wish them well in their preparations. “

Dr Bridie O’Donnell, Director, Victorian Office for Women in Sport and Recreation said:

“Over the past 12 months, the reports and achievements of the world’s best female athletes have changed dramatically, and the T20 World Cup will be another important step in bringing about positive change and achieving gender equality in Australian sport.”

Justin Langer, Head Coach, Australian Men’s Cricket Team said:

“The fact that there are two separate tournaments for women and men means that cricket has two bites to cause a sensation, to create heroes and to inspire the next generation of players and supporters. And with the final of the International Women’s Day Women’s Tournament at the MCG and the goal of selling the venue, there is potential for a story-telling event. “

Speaking about the ‘2020 Champions’ program, ICC T20 World Cup Local Organising Committee CEO, Nick Hockley said:

The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup is an opportunity to demonstrate gender equality through sport on the global stage.

“We have recently seen at the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup how strong and unifying great sporting events can be, and we are humbled to unite such inspiring leaders to maximize the positive effects of Australia 2020.”

“We look forward to welcoming our 2020 champions and the broader community to the ICC Women’s T20 Worlds in just 200 days.”

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