3 Young Players Who Could Be Surprise Newcomers To India At The Mega-Event: World Cup 2019

The Indian cricket team has conquered many young talents in the recent past. Many youths belonging to the Indian Under-19 squad have done quite well in both the domestic and the A games in India. With India to make sure they get the perfect combination for the World Cup, here are some names that may be interesting for the 2019 World Cup.

Prithvi Shaw

The young miracle has been the city’s topic of conversation ever since he made his debut against India in India. Shaw was brilliant in his first game when he broke a century on his debut. Prithvi Shaw became the youngest Indian to beat a century in his test debut. Shaw’s style and shape can be a surprise for India as he can take bowling apart.

The young player, who led the Indian U19 team to World Cup glory, has everything he needs to become the next big thing in Indian cricket. Previously, Shaw had injured his ankle during a training game in Australia that had left him out of the test series.

If Prithvi Shaw has the chance to open up with Shikhar Dhawan, and Rohit Sharma is asked to be in 4th position, as in the Mumbai Indians, this can help India achieve a much more balanced middle order.

Shubhman Gill

The right-handed man from Punjab makes the right sounds. Gill was in very good shape for his state team Punjab and seems to make his debut in New Zealand. Shubhman Gill has all the qualities of a star batsman who can beat at any position. From the opening of a batsman in the U19 World Cup to No.

7 batsman for his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, Gill seems to have done everything. He has proved with his successes in IPL that he can close games and also deal with pressure. Shubhman Gill has scored 790 runs in his last 10 innings in the 2018-19-19 Ranji season. He can be the answer to all the problems that the Indian team with its average order has.

Krunal Pandya

Krunal Pandya, the most important Mumbai Indian all-rounder, is another player who may knock on the door of the World Cup squad. Krunal has already made his debut for the T20I side and has proven that he can be of benefit to the Indian team.

Krunal, a left bowler and left-handed batsman, can give Ravindra Jadeja a strong rivalry. Ravindra Jadeja was not one of the runs in the shorter format of the game, which makes his position uncertain. On the other hand, Krunal was in shape and has performed at every opportunity.

Another advantage of Krunal, unlike Prithvi or Shubhman, is that he has fought and thrown in high-pressure games for his IPL franchised Mumbai Indians. His experience and very helpful to the Indian team if he can play for the team during the 2019 World Cup.

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