5 Teams With Most 350+ In ODI Cricket ever

The cricket game has revolutionized over the years. The rules have changed, the equipment has changed and certainly the style of play has changed.

But one thing that has not changed and certainly will never change is the love of this beautiful game. Over the years, cricket has proved to be the most important source of entertainment for many people. Some may call it a sport, while others may do it as a religion, but there is a sure thing and the love for cricket never dies.

When it comes to change, the style of play has certainly changed. With the advent of the power games, technology, and betting enhancements in place these days, the runs were rated at a much higher rate, while the only limited match we knew was the weird cricket match in which every team of 50 overs had bats

With the introduction of T20 Cricket, the sport has made a huge leap in entertainment. High octane games, raining borders and whatnot – T20 Cricket has turned cricket into a worldwide sport. The format has also had an impact on the traditional over-50s, as runs in ODI history have been judged impressively.

Where 300 used to be a milestone in over 50 games, it now looks like a rearview mirror. The teams are looking for more, the fans are looking for more and certainly the players are looking for more. The good news is that we get more. The number 350 seemed a rare sight in the first few days, but today it is much more common.

England Got 350+ Score 13 Times

The Three Lions have changed dramatically in their style of play since their debacle at the 2015 ICC World Cup. England has played with freedom and the critics have beaten every second game with their power-hit display.

The Three Lions are the best w places in the all-time top score charts as they are the only team to exceed the 405-run mark when defeating Australia in Nottingham. England scored a mammoth total of 481: 6 and beat his best of 444: 3 against Pakistan on the same floor.

In total, England has scored 350 points or more on 13 occasions and has been included in the top 5 list.

New Zealand Got 350+ Score 14 Times

The kiwis have always been known for their explosive brawls and are therefore ranked 4 on the list. Men like Brendon McCullum, Nathan Astle and Ross Taylor are from this beautiful country and it’s no surprise that the black caps are in this elusive list.

Over the years, New Zealand has scored 350 or more runs in 14 cases in an ODI – fourth in each team’s history. The Kiwis have been remarkably successful over the years in ODI Cricket and have even won the 2000 ICC knockout tournament.

The Black Caps broke the 400-run mark once in their history when they shattered Ireland for 402 runs in 2008. When the two openings – Brendon McCullum and James Marshall – reached gigantic centuries, it was raining. A total of 18 sixers were hit on the day from the New Zealand side, with Brendon scoring 10 of those in his overwhelming innings of 166 runs. The total number is still the highest ODI score in New Zealand.

South Africa Got 350+ Score 27 Tims

And in first place we have the Proteas, who have scored more than 350 runs on ODI 27 times. South African cricket is often credited with revolutionizing the game of kinking, and the records speak in their favor.

The proteas are often known as hard-hitting teams that can steal the show and especially the match with their dynamic impact strength well. South Africa is part of perhaps the biggest ODI match of all time when it defeated the 434 Australian total of 434 in 2006 in Johannesburg and posted the highest total to 438 by that date -9.

Apart from this heroic example, The Proteas have scored more than 400 points on five other occasions. Players like AB de Villiers, Graeme Smith and Herschelle Gibbs came from the beautiful nation, and because of them and many other legendary players we find South Africa leading this glorious list.

Australia Got 350+ Score 18 Times

The 5-time World Champions are in third place due to their high-octane strokes in the history of ODI Cricket. The Australians have scored 350 points or more on 18 occasions!

Australia has the most impressive history in ODI cricket as it has won most World Cups, has a superior win percentage over all other nations and has even won twice the prestigious ICC Champions Trophy.

Over the years, Australia has been blessed with some of the greatest players of all time, and it’s no secret that legendary batsmen are from Down Under. Men like Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting and David Warner are the reason why Australia has surpassed the mark of 350 runs 18 times.

The first time a team scored more than 400 runs in an ODI was Australia, when they scored 434-4 against South Africa in Johannesburg in 2006. Unfortunately, the Australian lost that game, but lost the Aussies’ 400-run mark in ODI history.

Since then, Australia has scored more than 400 goals in another case when there were 417 against Afghanistan in 2015.

India Got 350+ Score 26 Times

The men in blue are second in this glorious list. With 26 points out of 350 or more, Team India was literally a powerhouse in sports. It is often believed that big batsmen come from the bustling subcontinent, and the records strongly support this statement.

Men like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and the list go on and on, they come from India and it comes as no surprise that India is on top of this list.

The Indian Cricket Team is one of the most watched sports teams in the world thanks to its great fan base and remarkable records at the ICC tournaments. If the main theme is ODI Cricket, Team India is not shy, as the men in blue have won 2 ICC World Championships.

All in all, India is doing the best and scoring a lot of runs, and its performance is getting better every year. The men in blue have crossed the 400-mark five times. Their highest score remains 418-5 against West Indies in Indore, a game in which the then opener of India, Virender Sehwag, scored a mighty 219

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