Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

BYE: Folks we are done here, an amazing way to end Formula 1 2019 season as the champion Lewis Hamilton wins the last race of the season, all eyes will be on next year when Formula 1 returns, but racing is not over yet, we have more going on around the world, but for now I am Tasirul Momin from All Sports Pages saying goodbye to everyone and take care.

POST RACE: Nico Hulkenberg ends his F1 stint with this year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Renault gives him a brilliant send off and hope to see him in F1 back soon

POST RACE: A brilliant way to say goodbye to Mercedes W10 by Lewis Hamilton

POST RACE: Leclerc in a interview: “I am extremely happy about this year, it’s been a realisation of a dream since I was a child, I have learned a lot this year thanks to Seb.”

PODIUM: Your last podium of the season contains the drivers champion Lewis Hamilton on top, alongside him is Max Verstappen racing for the Red Bull team, and in 3rd Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

POST RACE: Well the results for the driver of the day is in and its the man who is set to depart from Formula 1, Ladies and Gentlemen your last driver of the season is Nico Hulkenberg

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

FINISH- Here the full classification of the race, Lewis Hamilton wins behind him is Max followed by Leclerc and Bottas, Vettel finished of the season in P5 while Red Bull of Alex Albon ended up P6, Sergio Perez worked hard and got a deserving 7th ahead of Landon Norris who is then followed the Kvyat and rounding out the top 10 is Carlos Sainz which helped him to secure 6th place in the championship. After them are the both Renault guys Ricciardo and Hulkenberg who ended P11 and P12 respectively then is Kimi and then both Haas cars, Lance Stroll is the only car to retire who had some issues after a first lap contact with Gasly

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

FINISH- There you go Lewis Hamilton wins the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to end the season in style, Red Bull of Max Verstappen finish behind him in P2 and Ferrari ends the season with Charles Leclerc rounding out the podium

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

LAP 55/55- We are into the final lap of the race, Lewis Hamilton set to leave 2019 season with a win over Max Verstappen and Leclerc, crowds are standing for this huge moment

LAP 54/55- Now the race leader has set the fastest lap of the race, Vettel gets past Alex Album while Bottas is closing to Leclerc at a rapid speed

LAP 49/55- Bottas has just set the fastest lap of the race while Ferrari garage on the radio to Leclerc that Bottas will catch him ij 2 or 3 laps time, Ferrari seems to be struggling at the moment

LAP 48/55- Bad news from the Racing Points garage as the Canadian Lance Stroll retire from the race, earlier in the race on lap 1 he had a contact with Gasly

LAP 47/55- Sparks fly as Daniil Kvyat gets past the man who might be on his final F1 race for now Nico Hulkenberg, Hamilton still up in front leading the last race of the decade

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

LAP 45/55- 10 Laps to go and Hamilton have lead of 15.3 sec and it’s looking like impossible for Verstappen to catch the British driver and stop him winning the last race of the season and of the decade too

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

LAP 42/55- McLaren have pitted Carlos Sainz as they look to climb up to more places and end the season on high

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

LAP 41/55- Valterri Bottas gone past the young Red Bull driver Alex Album to get up into 4th, is a podium possible for the Finn, stay tuned

LAP 39/55- Leclerc pits for the fastest compound which is the soft tyres, expect him go for fastest lap and he will faster among the top runners, Vettel follows him and comes out behind Bottas and Albon

LAP 35/55- Great run from the Mexican Sergio Perez as he complete 35 laps on his medium tyres

LAP 32/55- He has done it Max Verstappen is now up into 2nd place, a wheel to wheel battle between the Ferrari and Red Bull driver

Abu Dhabi GP Live- Lewis Hamilton dominate the race

LAP 30/55- Valterri Bottas pits and it’s a smooth one from Mercedes crew

LAP 28/55- Max Verstappen complaining about some issues after his pit stop, Red Bull team trying to calm him down

LAP 26/55- Max Verstappen pits and comes out third, Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes extending his lead over Leclerc

WELCOME- Welcome to All Sports Pages, we are live at the moment with the final F1 race of the season and of the decade too. It could be the last F1 race to Nico Hulkenberg who is set to be replaced by Esteban Ocon in the Renault next season, Lewis Hamilton has already sealed the drivers championship and also helped his team win the constructors championship along with teammate Bottas, their near challengers this season was the Ferrari team at the end of the season because at the first half of the season there was no one who could challenge Mercedes but Ferrari came back in the 2nd half to fight back but it was too late, Red Bull also did decent performance this season with Max Verstappen being their best driver, they had to change their driver Gasly mid-season who was not performing as per the expectations and got replaced by fellow Alex Albon and Gasly got demoted to former team Toro Rosso

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