Adil Rashid Out From Cricket For 2 Months

Adil Rashid, England’s World Cup winner, has been suspended for two months due to a chronic shoulder injury.

31-year-old Rashid reportedly bore the injury during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in 2019. Investigations in early August revealed that he needed a sustained rehabilitation period to fully recover and that he could play no role in the English season.

In an announcement posted on the Yorkshire CC website on Friday, August 9, Rashid said, “I had a shoulder problem for a while and came through the world championship with an injection.” Obviously, over time, the syringe has run out and exhausted after the World Cup I felt a small pinch in my shoulder.

“These things can happen and luckily it has not happened to me yet, I played professional cricket for 13-14 years and this is the first time I have a shoulder injury.

“I’m very confident that after I’m locked for the rest of the season, I can get fully fit before leaving in the winter, so I have two months to get fit and it’s as easy as . ” The.”

Rashid wants to return in time for England’s New Zealand tour in November. The World Champions will compete in five Twenty20 Internationals and two tests there before traveling to South Africa.

“I’m confident that if I’m doing the right thing, I’ll be fit not only for the winter, but for the rest of my career,” he added.

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