Afghanistan Claim Maiden Test Victory

Afghanistan make history by claim maiden test victory against Ireland that was a historic day for afghanistan team and their country.

The story awaited them – a first-ever victory in the friendly – but at the start of the fourth day in Dehradun, Afghanistan was still 118 runs off the mark. And a pursuit with the fourth innings is nothing to be ridiculed, especially in India, where no one has met a target for over five years.

But Rahmat Shah and Ihsanullah played with the serenity that usually prevails in veterans of test battles. Both men were fifty years old to facilitate entry into the record books.

How could they stay so calm? Well, Captain Asghar Afghan felt it was a domestic cricket they had played at home. “We played a lot of multi-day cricket and have matured automatically,” he said at the post-match presentation. “Nowadays, we also play first-class cricket at home, and now we play first-class before we play three-day, two-day cricket.

“Playing Test Cricket was our dream and today we played our second test and won the game, it’s a historic day for Afghanistan, for Afghanistan, for our team, for our cricket board.”

However, the Seven Wick victory was initiated by the bowlers. The sailor Yamin Ahmadzai and the spinners Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi and Waqar Salamkheil roll out Ireland in the first innings for 172, after they won the litter and decided to beat. And that matters, as a non-Indian team won a test six years ago, despite losing the throw in that country.

“Above all, I want to congratulate the bowlers, Rashid, Waqar, Yamin, because the wicket was good for batting.” Asghar said.

Irish captain William Porterfield also pointed to the first innings as a watershed in the game. “I thought at the time, I wanted to win the litter, it was a big hit to win, and you have to use your first innings every time you play for several days, like when we’re going to fight like our second innings [if they’re 288].” In our first innings, I think it could have been a different game, “said Porterfield.

“They expect to hunt up 280-300, which could have been a completely different story, but it’s not what’s going on in Afghanistan, they’ve played well throughout the game and deservedly won.

“It’s still their second game, five guys making their debut … but I’m glad they came and went that way, how willing they were, they want the guys to get started and make a big contribution, and obviously we did not do anything. ” Do that in the first innings and you keep looking into the game. As soon as Afghanistan gets past us, you never really let that happen. “

“It was a matter of great pride. It shows we are ready for Test cricket.” said Mohammad Nabi on his country’s first ever Test win.

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