At No.3 Is My Personal Decision : Root

The captain of England Test, Joe Root, has assured that it was entirely his decision to move up to third place for the Ashes series, which begins the Edgbaston test on Thursday, August 1.

The change of English skipper was enforced by a wafer-thin English top position, which could not be satisfied with a combination since the departure of Alastair Cook last year.

Roots promotion would not only bring the much needed stability to the hosts, but also bring some experience. However, due to his declared preference for beating in fourth place, it was believed that circumstances – and team management – could have forced Roots hand, which the skipper categorically rejected.

“It was totally my decision,” he said. “I came to the final decision in the game against Ireland, which I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and it’s an opportunity for me to get there sooner to spread the experience.”

“I’ve always thought it was best for the team to run, and for a long time, my # 4 record would indicate that this would be the best, but where are we as a team right now? ” Where I am captain, I am a good player to achieve the same results in 3rd place. “

In an Ashes series where dealing with a fresh Dukes ball would most likely bring sleepless nights to batsmen, Root saw this as an opportunity to assert himself as a good-bye captain.

“There are a number of ways you can lead,” he said. “This is just another opportunity to push my lead and show the rest of the group that I’m more than willing to do so.” do not expect anything from anyone I would not do. “

Root scored his highest test score of 254 points from the No. 3 position. Since becoming captain, he fought mostly in 4th place, where he was represented 39 times in 51 innings. In addition, his average is down 40.47 – almost nine runs lower than his overall test average of 49.03.

“After defeating this site for a while, I feel like I can get away with juggling on the field,” Root said. “Hopefully we will see this in my eyelash and this may be a series in which I place my authority in the role and make it my own, and I look forward to accepting that challenge.

“We understand that especially in England it can be very difficult to be at the top of the leaderboard, so you respond to that, are we skilled and smart enough to score high, we’ve used bowler friendly conditions in the last couple of years? . ” We have set a good record here. It is well prepared to become a juicy competition. “

Updated: August 1, 2019 — 4:38 pm

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