Brendon McCullum Announced Retirement From Cricket

New Zealand superstar Brendon McCullum has announced that he will retire from cricket to complete Global T20 Canada.

He was supposed to play Slam at the Euro T20, but withdrew from the competition and thanked the organizers for their “understanding”.

“As much as I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in my 20-year career – more than I would ever have dreamed of when I first came into play – I felt the urge to put it in the In recent months, making it harder and harder to maintain it, “he said in an article on Twitter.

He will go down in cricket history as one of the scariest ball hitters in the game. His achievements include scoring 156 goals for the first time in the Indian Premier League to spur on the competition, and beat the fastest test of a hundred in his last appearance in the White League.

With New Zealand, he pioneered an offensive cricket style that led Black Caps to the Men’s World Cricket Championships final in 2015 and was named by England captain Eoin Morgan as inspiration for his team’s march that year.

“I’m proud of how I played the game and what I’ve achieved,” said McCullum. “With New Zealand, we’ve crossed borders and established a style of play that has earned us worldwide respect.

in T20 cricket, I’ve mastered so many different challenges that I can leave the game with the knowledge that I’ve left no stone unturned.”

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