Brisbane International Raises Women’s Prize Money For 2020

TENNIS Australia will raise the prize money for the international women’s tournament in Brisbane to further strengthen the field for its 10-day block of international competition in the city.

TA talked to the women’s tennis governing body about a January women’s women’s competition in Australia one year after 2020.

TA chief Craig Tiley said the Queensland government had had a “fair and equal” opportunity to compete for the death of the sudden death in the ATP Cup, which went to Sydney for the first three years from 2020 to 22. After three years, other states could bid for more games, Tiley said.

Tourism Secretary Kate Jones said the Queensland government had decided to prioritize the women’s event at Brisbane International rather than the men’s sudden deaths in the ATP Cup.

Asked whether the state government had aggressively sought these sudden deaths or had decided that TA was about to end the ATP Cup in Sydney, Jones said: “We wanted to prioritize the Women’s Tennis Tournament and we want the first week of January Tennis with a woman is spectacular. We will have the best women in the world in Brisbane. “

Eight of the 12 best women played the Sunday Brisbane tournament. According to Cameron Pearson, head of TA for major events, the $ 1.4 million prize money for women was already more than the minimum for the WTA tournament.

“We will continue to increase the prize money. It will be considerable, “said Pearson. Regarding a WTA Cup initiative, Tiley said the ATP had “gone on the trip much earlier” than the WTA.

“We are deep in talks about a similar settlement with the women and will be able to share more details throughout 2019,” Tiley said.

As the ATP picked the first week of 2020, when its annual event kicked off, TA believed the ATP trophy would have to be held in Australia to ensure that the majority of top men started on their shores with the season.

“I fully understand that it’s difficult at the moment because we’re going through changes,” Tiley said.

“What we had in Brisbane was great, but it would not exist if the ATP Cup was elsewhere. The Herrenfelder for Brisbane and Perth would have been decimated. “

Queenslanders usually do not hate being second only to Sydney, and it remains to be seen if the state’s tennis lovers will be interested in the two events in Brisbane from 2020 onwards.

Updated: January 9, 2019 — 5:09 am

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