Bundesliga Boss Warns Of Weekend Games: Champions League

The head of the organization, which represents domestic football leagues, is against the Champions League games in Europe, which are held on weekends.

Christian Seifert, chairman of the World Leagues Forum, used his New Year’s speech on Tuesday as chairman of the Bundesliga to warn of multinational club competitions.

Seifert says, “The weekend must be a national league” because it is the lifeblood of football.

At present, only the Champions League final will be played on a Saturday. UEFA reiterated Tuesday that it has not discussed transferring other games from its flagship competitions to the weekends.

Seifert says, however, that legal action would be taken if a “red line” were crossed and club competitions run by international competitions were played on regular national league events on the weekends.

FIFA wants to extend the club’s World Cup, but in June, when the major European leagues are in the summer break.

Seifert became chairman of the World Leagues Forum in November and succeeds Richard Scudamore, who left his post as chairman of the English Premier League.

UEFA is under constant pressure from top European clubs to maximize the Champions League. Weekend gaming has long been attractive to broadcasters in Asia and America.

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