Buttler Says We Should Not Panic Yet

Despite the surprise of Australia, who scored a 251-run win in Edgbaston’s first Ashes test, English goalkeeper batsman Jos Buttler said the home side will not press the panic button yet.

England had Australia in the first innings with 122/8 on the field before allowing a notable turnaround from Steve Smith for the visitors, who reached into the second innings and culminated with a collapse of England to 146 in the fourth innings of a high Goal of 398.

Despite the remarkable turnaround, Buttler said the belief in the English camp remained high. “We have no chance, but we still have four games left,” said Buttler. “Test cricket is tough, you play against the best players in the world.

“If you are not good enough long enough, you will not win the game, but we have a fantastic team, nothing really changes, we lost this game, but we come here with a lot.” with excitement and conviction that we are a team good enough to win this test and make it an overall winner. “

Buttler pointed to the home game last summer against India, where England won 4-1. England met a very playful Indian side in 2018 and despite all expectations had to sweat and make an effort to win in the series.

That they could ultimately prevail with such a large lead was not because the opposition was played out, but because England was able to maintain its excellence a little longer. “In my opinion, we did not play well long enough,” said Buttler. “Especially in the first few days, we played a lot of really good cricket and positioned ourselves in a really good position.

“It was obviously a big part of the game not to be able to take the [last] two wickets faster [in the first innings]. Steve Smith played an excellent innings, this is test cricket, you play great Player.”

“We know how test cricket generally works in England: there can be periods of play that tend to change, and then periods that run very fast, if you look back at the India series, the big moments in these games we have done. ” Get out on the right and play well. This will be the same in this series. “

Buttler said he felt good about his own form, although he only completed six runs in the two innings of Edgbaston. “I’ve been in good shape for about 18 months,” he said. “I feel like the best version of me I’ve ever met, so I take that much belief off, I’ll do it.” Prepare yourself well and give me the best chance. “

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