First Black Captain Of Great Britain Abused By A Player

The first black captain of a British ice hockey team says he was racially abused by a player during a match at the Ice Hockey World Championships. 17-year-old Mason Alderson, who is under the 18-year-old GB captain, said an Italian player called N***** during the final stages of tournament play on April 20.

The Federation (IIHF) works with Ice Hockey UK investigating the inhuman, hideous and disgusting bow. The teenage son of Brian Biddulph, the first black player to represent GB in ice hockey, becomes the future star of the sport. He said that the unnamed Italian player “shouted” the n-word in Mason before the crowd in the Hungarian Székesfehérvár. Mason said, “I was absolutely shocked and just disgusted.

“He yelled it in his lungs and I just could not believe it – the fans heard it, everyone heard it.” He said the affected player was a “disgrace to his nation” and demanded that more be done to Mason added: “It is completely inhuman, how can they not take into account the feelings of others?” When you come to the world stage, you should behave in a certain way.

“It is totally unacceptable in today’s society and he has abandoned his country.” Great Britain lost 3-1 to Italy, with Mason saying the IIHF chairman, Italian team captain, coach and involved player apologized to him.

But Mason – who started playing ice hockey five years later after being inspired by his father Brian – said the damage had already been done. He said, “He was man enough to get up and apologize, but what he said is disgusting. I hope he knows the consequences of what he said, and it was something I had to deal with.

“Such things have no place in sports. I can not believe that it still works. “But nothing will ever change if the punishments are not big enough.” Ice Hockey UK has confirmed that an incident has occurred and says that an IIHF investigation has been initiated. A spokesman for Ice Hockey UK said, “We abhor any form of xenophobia or racism and would challenge anyone who has taken a different position.”

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