Germany vs Sweden Live Today | Placement Match For 7-8 Position | Friday 13 December 2019

The 2nd match of the day in the 24th IHF Women’s Handball World Championship Japan 2019 is “Germany vs Sweden” it will go live today at local time 14:30 at Park Dome Kumamoto. This is a Placement match for 7-8 positions.

Germany was in main round group 1 where they had 5 points and Sweden was in main round group 2 where they had 5 points. So the winner will get 7th position and lose will get 8th.

In the light of IHF ranking, Germany at number 1 but Sweden at number 19 and both will play for 7 or 8 positions.

Teams Squad For “Germany vs Sweden” | The 24th IHF Women’s Handball World Championship Japan 2019

Germany Squad Against Sweden

Germany Squad Against Sweden

Alicia Stolle, Ante Lauenroth, Evgenija Minevskaja, Jenny Behrend, Luisa Schulze, Mia Zschocke, Alina Grijseels, Dinah Eckerle, Ina Grobmann, Julia Behnke, Maren Weigel, Amelie Berger, Emily Bolk, Isabell Roch, Kim Naidzinavicius, Meike Schmelzer

Sweden Squad Against Germany

Anna Lagerquist, Flippa Idehn, Jamina Roberts, Marie Wall, Melissa Petren, Olivia Mellegard, Carin Stromberg, Hanna Blomstrand, Johanna Forsberg, Martina Thorn, Mikaela Massing, Emma Lindqvist, Isabelle Gullden, Linn Blohm, Mathilda Lundstrom, Nathalie Hagman

“Germany vs Sweden” Watch Live | The 24th IHF Women’s Handball Championship Japan 2019

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