I hope to inspire a generation of cricketers coming through: Sophie Devine

It’s not very often an opportunity that enables us to play in conditions that we really know well.

It is a great honor for the entire squad to take part in a competition of this size, but it is even more special to have the chance to challenge a group of athletes that are close to my heart.

I want to make my teammates and my country proud, but also my family, friends, and everyone who helped me on my trip.

I hope to inspire a generation of cricket players and I’m glad that we already have a group of young players who are ready to gain a foothold in Australia.

Players like Lauren Down and Rosemary Mair have been very successful domestically and I think they can be a surprise package and play an important role in the World Cup.

Every team goes into the tournament to win and we are no different. Our goal is to reach the final on March 8th in the MCG, but we understand that we have strong opponents and that the tournament is long.

We have to focus on every single game and of course the current world champions Australia and India will be massive games in our group.

It’s a great opportunity for us to test ourselves and we want to be able to beat the best to get this title and what better way to do it than in Australia. I’ve been to every T20 World Championship so far, and if I allow myself to think about it, it’s a great feeling.

The fact that the first one was in 2009 is a little embarrassing to know how far we’ve come since, but together with Suzie Bates it makes it even better.

We obviously played a lot of cricket together and haven’t been able to raise this trophy yet, but we have a fantastic site to do that here in Australia.

In addition to the excitement, women’s cricket is a pretty special place right now because there is so much investing around the world, especially in New Zealand cricket.

It’s a fantastic time to be an athlete. I just enjoy every opportunity to go to the park and proudly wear the silver fern.

We have a huge 12 months ahead of us, obviously with South Africa and then the World Cup on the shores at home. It is very special when I know that many girls across the country will be left behind.

You have to earn the right to win the World Cup and we know we have a huge task ahead of us, but we are certainly up to the challenge as we have been targeting this event for some time.

We played a lot of T20 cricket, both here and abroad. It is certainly an exciting time for us, but it is a dream to win this trophy on March 8th.

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