ICC Suspended Zimbabwe Cricket

The introduction of concussion substitutions and the modification of over-punishment penalties were two of the key decisions taken at the ICC Annual Conference in London. The headline was to suspend Zimbabwe Cricket with immediate effect.

The ICC Board unanimously ruled that the full member had failed to meet its commitment to a process of free and democratic elections and that there were no government interference in its cricket administration.

ICC funding will be suspended and representative teams from the country will be excluded from participating in ICC events, jeopardizing their participation in the men’s T20 World Cup qualifier in October.

“We do not make a decision to recklessly suspend a member, but we need to keep our sport free from political interference,” said ICC chairman Shashank Manohar. “What happened in Zimbabwe is a grave violation of the Constitution of the ICC and we can not allow it to remain unchecked. The ICC seeks to continue cricket in accordance with the ICC Constitution in Zimbabwe. “

Vibration substitute is also being introduced after successful attempts at domestic cricket. The player must be a like-for-like substitute, and such a change must be approved by the match referee. The change will take effect on 1 August. In other words, the first game they are involved in is the ash test for men in Edgbaston.

Significant is also a change in the penalties for maintaining a slow overrate. The captains will no longer be suspended, but players will receive points in the ICC Test Championship for Violations.

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