India, Pak Green Is Vying For The Title Of Int’l Kabaddi Taakra Today

India and Pakistan Green will compete in the title fight of International Kabaddi Taakra at Punjab Stadium on Sunday (today). The finals will be played at 15.00, while Pakistan White will be at 2.00 at the same venue around 3./4. Square with Iran toast.

Indian and Iranian Kabaddi teams visited Punjab Stadium on Saturday, but were unable to do so due to wet weather.

Speaking to the media, Indian Kabaji captain Harjeet Singh expressed with satisfaction the security and hospitality of the Punjab government and the Sports Board Punjab. “Our games with Pakistani and Iranian teams have been quite exciting and our young team has learned a lot at this important tournament.”

Indian Kabadimanager Guldeep Singh thanked the government of Punjab and Pakistan Kabaddi Federation for the expansion of all facilities during their stay in Pakistan. “The people of Pakistan are great Kabaddi lovers. They supported players from all participating teams. “

Indian Kabadimanager Guldeep Singh answered a question and said that the friendly relations between Pakistan and India could be further strengthened by the play of Kabaddi.

Indian Kabaddi player Sachin Kumar said: “We have received overwhelming love and response wherever we play Kabbalah in Punjab.”

The Sports Board Punjab (SBP) has made all arrangements for the grand finale of international Kabaddi Taakra.

Indian and Iranian Kabaddi players and officials also had a meeting with Punjabi sports minister Rai Taimoor Khan Bhatti in his office. The minister welcomed the guest cabaddi teams and appreciated their game during the games in Bahawalpur and Sahiwal.

General contractor Punjab Nadeem Sarwar said the Punjab government will organize more international sports competitions to promote the sport following the successful launch of International Kabaddi Taakra.

“The kabaddi teams in Pakistan, India and Iran have performed well at the Kabaddi Taakra International Competitions in Bahawalpur and Sahiwal and we are confident that all teams will deliver unforgettable performances on the final day of the big event in Lahore”, he added.

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