Indian Gov. Increases Grants For Sports Federations

The Indian government has increased Rupees’ annual grants for Rupees 302,18 Crores to Rupees 342 Crores (roughly 682 crores in Pakistani rupees) to help prepare for the South Asian Games and the 2020 Olympics.

The announcement by the Indian government is in stark contrast to Pakistan, where sports association grants have been phased out over the last 10 months. According to reports published in the Indian newspapers, India’s leading sports federation receives more than RMB 400 million a year in Pakistani rupees.

Here in Pakistan, the most fortunate associations, including hockey, squash and tennis, receive little government financial support of around Rs. 3 million (per association).

“The News” has learned that the Task Force “Sport”, recently set up by the government to restructure Pakistani sport, has completely rejected direct state subsidies to associations and instead supports the European structure.

On the contrary, in the region where Pakistan is located, each government supports its associations financially. The example of the Indian government is where every year a huge sum is spent on sports activities. The Federation subsidy is beyond the Indian government’s “Khelo India” program, which annually consumes a massive 520 crores of rupees.

As part of this program, India organizes sports events for young people in every city, province and national level to find the best talents in each Olympic game for future training and international recognition.

The “Khelo India” is the subordinate part of the Indian national program for the development of the sport, which costs the Indian government rupees annually with 1262.79 crores.

“I am surprised at the details you have given of how much India is investing in the sport. This is in sharp contrast to what we receive. In comparison, we do not get peanuts.

The government gives us the hunt for lions in the international sports arena, “said an official of the associations when he was approached. He complained that even peanuts would not come in the last 10 months.

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