Khan Research Laboratory Wins Pakistan Premier Football 5th Time

Khan Research Lab has won the twelfth edition of the Pakistan Premier Football League with a sweeping victory over Sui Southern Gas Company in the final game in the league, with Pakistan Air Force exceeding the score on goal difference.

KRL was in third place with 48 points, while SSGC finished second with 50 points before the final game of the league in the KPT Stadium on the field.

While PAF wanted both sides to draw, SSGC would have been happy with just one win. However, the hardest scenario was for former champions KRL, who had to win the game with at least four goals.

KRL was highly motivated and aggressive from the beginning of the game and in control of everything.

In the first 26 minutes of the match, they had a 3-0 lead when Iftekhar Ali Khan, Izharullah and Junaid Ahmed set the ball in the 10th, 20th and 26th minute.

In the 51st minute of the match, Izharullah scored the fourth and league-winning goal for KRL.

This is the fifth title win of KRL in the PPFL. This is especially important because he had lost some of the key players before the league to other departments.

“We have proven that it is a team game, not a single game. KRL offers players the best options, and players give their best in every game. Today, the result is in front of all players, “said Zia ul Islam, the captain of the KRL team.

However, to their disappointment, the club is not included in the AFC Cup as the Pakistani Football Association has failed to ensure that all teams meet the criteria for club licensing.

And not only that, the clashes between rival PFF groups will likely prevent this victory from being recognized by FIFA and the AFC.

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