Khan’s Aim To Make Pakistan A Sports Power House

The legendary Jahangir Khan has entered the sports world to raise the fame of all sports in Pakistan. This time he is not acting as a player but as a consultant to a sports infrastructure company to install sports facilities across the country and to make Pakistan a “sports power house” in cooperation with governments and international institutions.

Jahangir Khan said at a contract signing with TS Builders that better sports facilities made better athletes. “I believe this is the perfect partnership that will help me realize my vision,” he said of TS Builders, who have built over 400 squash courts in Pakistan and internationally.

In addition to the installation of artificial football and hockey fields and over 150 synthetic tennis courts.

The plan will create infrastructures for international standards in big and small cities to promote sport and players.

Jahangir Khan has the highest athletic status in Pakistan and has made the country proud by being the only athlete in the world to reach several milestones, such as the World Amateur Championship (15 years), the youngest World Championship champion ( 17 years).

He won the British Open Championship ten times in a row (1982-1991), was World Open Champion six times and was the first player to win the World Open Championships without giving up a game, and played the second longest game in squash history – 2.46 hours.

TS Builders (Pvt) Limited has been part of the construction and sports industry since 1984 and has developed into an industry leader in turnkey sports construction and renovation projects with the conventional construction department.

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