Kristine Lilly’s 4 Record-Breaking decades

If you are a football lover then, you should know who is Kristine Lilly? Don’t worry even you are not a soccer lover. Kristine Lilly’s 4 Record-Breaking decades will make you a football lover.

Kristine Lilly’s 4 Decades

Her 4 Record-Breaking Decades are 1989, 1999, 2009 and 2019 which make her an unforgettable women football legend.

Kristine Lilly made history ten years ago on the same day. She became the first player ever to represent her country in four different decades.

Kristine Lill's

Kristine Lilly is a living legend. Not only has she the prestigious title of the best-occupied national player of all time, male or female (354), she was the first person in international football history to represent her country in four different decades on that day in 2010.

Kristine Lilly’s First Decade (1980-1989)

“Obviously the only memory that struck me was 1987. It was my first year on the team and my first game that was actually on a trip to China and I also scored a goal, so it was a combination of Things With nerves and youth I wasn’t sure I belonged there, but when I scored a goal I thought, “Maybe I belong here?” It was something memorable for me.

We were there for a couple. We have played there against China and another club team. We didn’t even have a World Cup in sight, so we were only there on a trip. That was my first tour with the national team. “

Kristine Lilly’s Second Decade (1990-1999)

“I don’t think I can just pick one memory here. There were many premieres for the United States women’s team. It was the first time that there was a World Cup and the first time that football was there the Olympic Games.

These two big events were huge for women’s football and it was incredible to be part of it and win both. I remember 1991 when nobody really knew the World Cup was going on until 1996 when it was didn’t report that much about soccer yet, but the world started to pay attention to women’s soccer.

“That was a springboard that led in 1999 – I can’t forget ’99! Wow, ’91, ’96 and ’99 – those were great years! Let’s forget the rest of the decades! There was a mishap in ’95, but that it was already.

We hosted and won the 1999 World Cup, so the 90s were great, I can’t complain about anything. Women’s football got on the board. The USA was two-time world champions and gold medalists and the game really started to grow. And I was only 28 at the end of this decade! “

Kristine Lilly’s third Decade (2000-2009)

“We’re starting this decade with a defeat at the Sydney Olympics. It was heartbreaking and probably one of the worst losses in my career. I still feel it today. We have lost to Norway in sudden death overtime. We have the 2003 World Cup when China was originally supposed to host, but due to the SARS epidemic, we have hosted and we have lost that. We lose that in 2007 for the World Cup in China. Going into the decade from the 90s is a bit stupid.

“But obviously we still have the Olympic Games and World Championships and we have continued to grow. In this decade I have reached my 200th and 300th cap milestones. Everyone wanted me to reach 400, but I knew I didn’t would.

” For me, the best memories of this decade were the milestones, and reaching the 300 marks was a kind of “wow” moment, and I realized that I had played the game for a while, but had also done a lot to our progress to see the field and help my team to be successful. “

Kristine Lilly’s fourth Decade (2010-2019)

“I had a little year in which I was involved sporadically. For me, it was shortly after I had my first child and I went back and played in the professional league in the USA. I was not called back immediately and thought it could be. And then I remember receiving the call from Pia Sundhage and she invited me to a camp and I said, “All right!” No matter how old you are or how many years you played in the team when you played this Received a call You are still proud and cannot say no. “

In this decade 8th FIFA Women’s World Cup had been played and the United States, Women’s Football Team 4th time win FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 France.

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