Live Cricket Resumes This Weekend

Live cricket action returns in Vanuatu this weekend, with many of the country’s best players in action – for a good cause.

Live Cricket In Vanuatu

COVID-19 has brought live sports to a standstill worldwide, even though governments and frontline workers are trying to fight the pandemic. But now the beautiful Pacific island of Vanuatu is the first country where the situation has been brought under control so far that cricket can be resumed.

Live Cricket
Live cricket in Vanuatu

Accordingly, domestic cricket will continue on Saturday, April 25th, with the day of the women’s club’s Super League final. The games will be broadcast live on the Vanuatu Cricket Facebook page.

Power House Sharks meets Tafea Black Birds in the semifinals in the morning. The winner meets Mele Bulls in the final, who were unbeaten in competition with four teams.

There will be an exhibition game for men before the women’s games.

The men’s 40-over club championship begins the following weekend, May 2nd, with seven teams fighting for the title.

“We have decided that it is safe for us to resume our cricket activities,” said Shane Deitz, CEO of Vanuatu Cricket. “However, we understand that physical detachment is still required and we will do our best to ensure that we comply with the physical detachment recommendations and also maintain good hygiene.”

Vanuatu has no cases of coronavirus. The government issued a state of emergency on March 26, the borders were closed and flights were suspended a week earlier. However, tropical cyclone (TC) Harold hit the region in early April and caused widespread destruction.

Thanks to state support for the resumption of cricket activities, the association also wants to take the opportunity to support the cyclone aid. Residents and businesses were asked to hand in clothing, utensils and essentials to be donated to the most affected areas.

“We understand the devastation that TC Harold has caused in the northern islands of Vanuatu and we want to give something back to the affected communities with which we have worked closely with Santo,” said Melissa Fare, marketing manager for Vanuatu Cricket.

In the MRF Tires ICC T20I ranking, Vanuatu ranks 28th among women and 50th among men’s teams. Three players from their national team play the main role in women’s cricket in Australia. The association’s long-term goal is to continue its commitment to women’s cricket and to bring the team to the top 20 in the world.

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