Marketing Strategy Behind The Cricket World Cup:Steve Elworthy MD Of ICC 2019 Men Cricket World Cup

Steve Elworthy, Managing Director of the ICC 2019 Men’s Cricket World Cup, explains the strategy behind the thrust of the tournament.

The incredible mix of cultures, from South Africans to the West Indians, created a kaleidoscope of color and noise. The multicultural community in the UK is what makes hosting events so special and why I believe the World Cup next year will be the best ever.

The UK has long demonstrated its ability to host global events, and in 2019 we will have another chance to demonstrate these qualities as the men’s cricket world cup comes to England and Wales.

For the first time in 20 years, the world’s best lords of the world will come to England and Wales to fight for the most valuable possession of cricket – the World Cup – a tournament I have the honor of taking on as Managing Director.

Many cricket and non-cricket fans will win the success of England’s women at the Women’s World Cup last year as they conquered the heart of the nation in front of a full-house stadium. Des Sir I was proud of this, on an important occasion to be involved in women’s sports, and the final was an event appropriate to the English team and the hard-working team behind the tournament.

Eight venues were used in 2017 for the Champions Trophy and the Women’s World Cup, three more for the Men’s World Cup next year. Besides Lords and Oval in London, our sport has a golden opportunity to extend its wings and visit emerging international venues such as Bristol and Cardiff, who want to prove that they can show the greatest show in the cricket field more than once.

While 2019 is undoubtedly the year that all cricket fans will enjoy, it is the brilliant work of our Organizing Committee in 2018 that has caught the attention of people across the country.

With people like former English Captain Freddie Flintoff, People Just Do Nothing Chabuddy G star and Radio James’ Radio 1 supporting the campaign, millions of people have seen our work before any ball was thrown.

As with most major events today, we have used an election program to give as many people as possible the chance to see the best players in the world in 2019.

The Cricket Family Ballot was the first to reward loyal cricket supporters. from district and club members to subscribers to the Global Newsletter of the International Cricket Council (ICC). As expected, the demand was huge. In the first of two ballots over 2.7 million tickets were requested.

The success was not least due to our campaign “Are you in?”, Which included not only some of the biggest names in the cricket field, including Chris Gayle and Joe Root, but also some familiar faces from the world of sports and entertainment like Welsh rugby union nationalist Shane Williams and Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr, all with Flintoff.

When we released our public vote in August, Flintoff swapped the recording studio for Imagine Dragon’s “On Top of the World” with its recognizable Lancastrian accent, creating an incredibly catchy version of the song that was constantly re-audience.

The appointment of Chabuddy G as official guide to CWC19 brought the game even further. He showed his hilarious “knowledge” of the sport to some well known cricketers – commentator David “Bumble” Lloyd and legendary referee Dickie Bird. A quick glance at the Facebook comments alone shows that these videos did exactly what they were asked to do. inspire young fans for cricket.

As with all major events, one of the main goals of the World Cup is to create a long-standing legacy. In collaboration with the ICC and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), we have set ourselves the goal of winning one million cricket children by 31 July 2019.

To achieve this goal, our school and club programs, joint initiatives between the ICC and the ECB to lead the World Cup in 8,000 primary schools in England and Wales, as well as 3,000 local clubs and communities, are of key importance.

It is no exaggeration to say that our tournament could not take place without the hard work of volunteers. Since the Olympic Games in 2012, the face of volunteering at major events has changed dramatically. No event will be complete without them and with the largest cricket volunteer force ever assembled in the country, next year’s World Cup will be no different.

During the tournament, record-breaking 4,000 “World Cup Crickers” will be in action to ensure every single participant can enjoy their day in a safe environment. 2019 will be approaching soon, and instead of commercials and music videos, the focus will be on the field.

But before that, our team has a few more treats in store – from our 100-day Domestic Trophy Tour to the official tournament song.

Ticket sales alone suggest that the public is looking forward to the Cricket World Cup, which will be coming to England and Wales in 2019, with only three games for sale.

Supporting venues, cities and communities is making a major contribution to creating a global tournament locally. Past global events have shown how valuable it is to connect with the local communities that welcome the world on their doorstep.

The Men’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is another big event that will captivate the imagination of the entire country, with a big buy-in from venues and cities and the public.

Ten of the world’s top international teams will be represented in England and Wales in 2019 and welcomed by hundreds of thousands of cricket fans, both new and existing.

From Somerset to Durham we are ready for a summer full of hits, tumbling gates and lots of fun. Steve Elworthy will be speaking at SportsPro Live, which takes place in London from April 30 to May 1, 2019.

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