Newly Elected President Of Pakistan Football Federation’s Aim to Take Pakistan Football To New Heights

Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah, the newly elected president of the Pakistani Football Association (PFF), said on Saturday that he will do his best to live up to expectations.

“Pakistan has a tremendous talent in football, and I promise that I will be 100% committed to meeting the expectations people have as PFF leaders. If I can not do it, I’ll stop, “said Ashfaq at a press conference.

“If I can not live up to my job, it’s not in my nature to stick to anything,” he added quickly.

Ashfaq also warned that no wrongdoing will be tolerated. “There will be no abuse. I do not do it, nor do I let anyone else do it, “said Ashfaq.

He was also flanked by PFF secretary Sharafat Bukhari. He said that this time they would see a change.

“This time, people and football lovers who are the real protectors of the game have teamed up, and a change will soon be seen,” said Ashfaq. He said that they found the football club in very bad shape.

“I do not like mud battles, but it’s necessary to mention that the football house was neither the property of the outgoing group, nor ours.” It is the property of the nation. How we found the house in Lahore is a sad story. AFC had sanctioned $ 300,000 for its rehabilitation.

On 5 December 2018, the contractor was informed one-day that he should stop working. And then people with daily wages were hired to uproot the tiles so we could not use the headquarters. We left it the way we found it, so everyone could see what happened to headquarters. It’s a criminal act, “asserted Ashfaq. He repeated that there was nothing about the law of the country.

The elections to the PFF took place at the direction of the Supreme Court. There is nothing greater than the law of the land. There were first elections of the Punjab Football Association (PFA), which were accepted by the outgoing party. However, when the PFF elections were announced, at which the RO was changed at the request of the outgoing group, they refused, “said Ashfaq.

He said that they had possession of only one paper. “They did not give us records,”.

Ashfaq clarified

He also criticized the FIFA-recognized PFF move to send back a huge amount of FIFA and AFC. “There were clear orders from the Supreme Court that no money would be spent without the permission of the Supreme Court,” said Ashfaq.

He said that they had appealed against this act of the other party. He promised that they will bring football to new heights.

“We have to promote the game. It is my mission. I will travel the country. We will consult the experts and look together for ways to develop the sport. With 220 million inhabitants, Pakistan has the potential to grow in football. I saw madness and love in the eyes of the people of Lahore who gathered to look at Kaka and Figo, even though the duo has retired, “said the PFF chief.

He said that they will ask FIFA to send an information mission to check the ground reality before making a decision. FIFA had already warned Pakistan against a potential suspension if the court-ordered elections to the PFF were held.

The AFC has already rejected Ashfaq’s request to send an inquiry delegation to assess the situation. “We will also try to meet FIFA and the AFC,” said the president.

However, he quickly added that they will focus on domestic football before settling the problem. “Despite the financial problems, we will do all domestic events at any cost and not let the game die,” said Ashfaq.

He said that efforts would be made to re-establish the association between the PFF and the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

He also hoped that the state would finance PFF. “I hope the state will finance us. If hockey can get 200 million rupees, why can not football? “, He said.

He also rejected the FIFA-recognized PFF decision to spend too much money within eight months. “In just eight months, they spent 230 million rupees. Is not it sheer injustice? “, Asked he.

“Immediately after taking office, the first problem we had was the boycott of umpires overseeing the Premier League. It was an attempt by others to sabotage the country’s top league. We immediately called arbitrators from Peshawar and Malakand to fill the void, “said Ashfaq.

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