Olympion Rana Mujahid Unban By Pakistan Olympic Association

The General Council of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) has lifted the ban on Olympia Rana Mujahid, allowing the former secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) to actively participate in sports administration.

Lt. Gen. Arif Hasan said to The News on Sunday that Rana Mujahid was released from suspension on the recommendation of the POA Executive Committee.

“The House has decided to lift the ban on Rana Mujahid. Now he can actively participate in sports administration, “said the POA president.

The POA banned Rana a few years ago after actively participating in the breakaway national Olympic organization led by Pakistani President (AFP) Maj Gen (r) Akram Sahi. Rana was the only member of the breakaway faction banned for his alleged wrongdoing.

Later, Rana not only apologized, but also distanced himself from the unlawful Olympic Committee led by Lieutenant-General Akram Sahi.

“I am really thankful to Lt Gen (r) Arif Hasan and to all members of the General Council of the POA and the Executive Council for accepting my apology. I assure all members that they follow the POA discipline in letter and spirit, “Rana said as she approached.

The POA General Council, meeting in Lahore recently, was pleased with the recent Supreme Court ruling in which the trial court upheld POA status as a private entity.

“The decision of the Supreme Court is a victory of the POA’s longstanding claim. All members have expressed their gratitude for the groundbreaking verdict, “said Mohammad Khalid Mehmood, secretary of the POA.

He also revealed that over the next fourteen days, the Government of Balochistan will hold an important meeting of all stakeholders to decide on the dates and times of the National Games in Quetta.

“The final dates of the highly anticipated games are set within the next two weeks,” Khalid said. The Ski Association’s request to change its name to winter sports federations has been returned to its General Council and the international body with which it is associated. “The association should first obtain the required approval from its General Council and international organization to which it is associated.”

In the meantime, the POA President announced that all associations were invited to make the necessary changes in accordance with the requirements of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). “The necessary changes should be made in accordance with the IOC Vision 2020. The constitutional amendments have already been adopted by POA.”

The POA has also decided to set up the POA Academy, where the aspiring athletes are trained. “Kamran Lashari will lead the academy and look after the necessary equipment.”

Arif Hasan said that no task force for sports officials had contacted the POA. “We have not been contacted yet. We believe that what they do is in the best interests of the country’s sport. “

Updated: March 9, 2022 — 11:35 am

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