Online Portal For Public Screening Requests Of 2019 WC : ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) opened Wednesday an online portal for those interested in participating in public ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 public demonstrations.

The portal provides a registration gateway as well as policies, permissions, and royalties for conducting a public screening event.

Public screening events are classified as commercial or non-commercial events where the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 games are made available to an audience in locations where no sporting events, such as beaches, parks, recreational areas or the army, normally broadcast become bases, embassies and oil rigs.

Head of Media Rights Broadcast and Digital Aarti Singh Dabas said: “These film screenings offer companies that are not normally involved in the broadcasting of cricket the unique opportunity to participate in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and through one of their clients to get in touch with major sporting events in the world. By launching this online portal, the opportunity was made easy. “

“In addition, these screenings will provide existing and new fans the opportunity to enjoy coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup with friends and / or family members, making the event a memorable social experience.

We look forward to bringing the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 to life in everyday life, on beaches, in parks, in shopping malls, shopping malls and other venues, by building new and successful partnerships to engage the fans, “she added ,

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