Pakistan Can’t Ruled Out For This World Cup: Nasir Hussain

Nasser Hussain, captain of Ex-England, has analyzed Pakistan’s chances of success at the men’s ICC Cricket World Cup in England and Wales this summer. He does not exclude her from a possible triumph.

Hussain, who played 96 tests and 88 one-match internationals for England, called Pakistan “mercurial” before spending some of the young stars as a catalyst for a strong tournament. “Many Pakistani fans will say that they followed their team too long and their hearts were broken several times, but I love them and I love their cricket,” he told

“I love them because they are a quirky Pakistan, and you wonder what Pakistan will appear that day, the fact is you can not copy Pakistan for this World Cup.”

Teenage pace duo Mohammad Hasnain and Shaheen Shah Afridi, both 19, praised the award, while award-winning batsman Babar Azam was selected alongside left-handed opener Fakhar Zaman.

“Pakistan always produces these players,” Hussain said. “And the moment they play, it’s like,” Wow, these guys have something about them. “This is what Pakistan does, they play them, they choose them and give them a chance, no matter how old they are, it’s just about being good enough.

“If you can reach 90mph, as Mohammad Hasnain and Shaheen Shah Afridi can do, then this is the kind of wicket potential that will win this World Cup.

“I think it will be a high scoring World Cup, when Sarfaraz Ahmed can throw the ball on his young guns and say,” Give me three overs, and we have to get out of Jos Buttler. “Me, ” We have to dismiss MS Dhoni ‘or’ Steve Smith or Kane Williamson, it does not matter how many runs you choose, just bring me a joke ‘, that’s the difference between the win and the loss a world cup game. “

Hussain quoted the century-old finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 against Fakhar against India as evidence of what this Pakistan club squad can achieve before explaining why it is the young players who win the game this summer. “I look at Fakhar Zaman and remember what he did at the Champions Trophy, in fact it’s these people I consider to be the ones who can turn Pakistan from a competitive result to a good result,” said Hussain.

“I look at Babar Azam and see him as a batsman in the Pakistani racket series who can reach his side up to the 300. Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik can bring Pakistan to a specific score, but actually I’m always looking for star ratings. Names that can perform well and make you sit back and say, “Wow, this guy can play”.

“If Pakistan can get one or two of its younger star players to play a Virat Kohli, like a Jos Buttler or a Kane Williamson or a David Warner, then Pakistan will be right in the tournament, so it’s the younger Pakistani batsmen, that I take care of during this World Cup. “

Nevertheless, Hussain has not ignored the importance of 37-year-old Malik and 38-year-old Hafeez, the all-rounders who have collected 490 ODI caps between them. “They will be vital, but Pakistan generally needs to find a way to earn points,” he said.

“Hafeez and Malik need to use their experience to find out what’s good for their bowling line-up and conditions.”

Hussain also congratulated the collaboration between Sarfaraz and Mickey Arthur at the head of the Pakistani side and announced their passion. “I really like Sarfaraz Ahmed and I like the combination of Sarfaraz Ahmed and Mickey Arthur.

“Pakistan is a very emotional, cricket-loving nation and what Pakistan needs is a street fighter guy who is responsible for the team, I mean, in the best way and Sarfaraz is this street fighter and someone I do In any case, would want to fight against any opponent.

“I do not see Sarfaraz as a bottler, I see him as a real fighter and the Pakistani fans I know and knew over the years they want their team to fight, and with Sarfaraz and Mickey Arthur you have that fighting spirit. “

Hussain supported the decision of the electorate to only select Mohammad Amir in the squad for the upcoming English ODIs, which gave him a chance to prove himself before the tournament starts on 30 May. However, he has supported the 27-year-old to regain his form. “It’s obvious that the Pakistani fans had a big disappointment with Mohammad Amir, and I’m sure Amir himself is disappointed with such statistics and performance for such a high-quality bowler,” he said.

“It seems like the white ball is not so much for him these days, and when I remembered Mohammad Amir at his best, he tore these big, booming in-swing players, and then he became the one who crossed the batsman, a threat.

“I think they’ve done the right thing with Amir: ‘Go to England, play in the five-game series against England, the door is not closed and we’ll pick from the 17-man squad and see if you can We want you to do well, but you need to make sure you use the performances of these five ODIs against England to compete in the World Cup. ‘

“But once I’ve said all that, I think he’s a great player, and you just have to remember how he was in the Champions Trophy finals and the players he won, and there’s no doubt he’s making great players when he’s at the song. “Pakistan will face England in a lonely T20 international on 5 May before starting the five ODI series games on 8 May.

Updated: April 29, 2019 — 10:13 pm

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