Pakistan Football System Needed To Rebuild

The rebuilding of Pakistani football is a strenuous undertaking that requires the development of a system of years, said former French football star Nicolas Anelka during his interaction with the media here on Tuesday.

Former French citizen PSG, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City Talisman, who are now coaches, admitted Pakistan as a footballer.

“Pakistan’s performance at junior level has been encouraging. What is needed, however, is the development of a system that can ensure the proper care of a player. Feeding a player or running a system is not that easy. It’s a difficult, tedious and time-consuming job, “said Anelka.

The former French player said he particularly values ​​Pakistani football.

“This is my second visit to Pakistan and I hope that many more will come. I know that a nation of more than 200 million people likes football. They want to be among the leading football player nations on the continent. I am here to help you. Whenever they need my services, I’m available, “he said.

Anelka, who accepted Islam at 16, welcomed the Pakistani cricketers as the best.

“Talent abounds. Pakistani cricketers are the best in the world, and I hope the country will develop into a better footballing nation in the years to come. “

Ahmer Kunwar, chief executive TouchSky Group (TSG), who has announced a long-term partnership with the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), hoped that the future belongs to the Pakistani footballers.

“I have already engaged almost 89 Asian footballers in the European league and clubs in their service. I know that Pakistan can clean players for international clubs and leagues. We are here to help you. “

He said that Anelka, who was commissioned with the World Soccer Stars, is here for this purpose. Anelka also met with PFF President Syed Ashfaq Shah to further the development of the 20-point agenda for the rise of football.

Syed Asfaq Shah welcomed Nicolas Anelka in Pakistan. “I look forward to his contribution to help us develop a sustainable path to deliver realistic goals for Pakistan.”

TSG World Soccer Stars’ Robert Head said, “I am very pleased to talk about the real development needed to upgrade football at the grassroots level. I am committed to sustainable growth in football and I am really impressed by the appetite that football has on the Pakistani market. “

World Soccer Stars is also a thrilling show-fight football game and Akon concert to be held on April 27 in Karachi and on April 28 in Lahore. On this occasion also spoke the producer (The legend of Maula Jatt).

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