Pakistan Hockey Coach Says An Attacking Approach Needed To Excel

The newly appointed coach of the Pakistani ice hockey team said on Thursday that the participation of internationals in the FIH Pro Hockey League will be a great learning opportunity and will provide much needed international recognition.

“Young players need to improve their game, and this is only possible if they have the best chance of playing against top ice hockey players, and Pro League will give them an ideal opportunity to compete with different ice hockey matches,” he said after watching the afternoon The national camp meeting set up to build the pro-league Pakistan team will be played in different countries this month.

The former Olympic hockey champion was of the opinion that the Pakistani team must change their playing style and switch from an ordinary defensive approach during attacking play. “Players need to drop this tendency (defensive approach) that has damaged Pakistan hockey in recent years, which is one of the main reasons for the demise of our national sport,” said Saeed.

The coach and coach of the team said that efforts are being made in the current camp to change the mindset and attitude of the players and help them to adjust quickly to the game.

“The attack on hockey helps to increase the pressure on the opponents, creates rich scoring opportunities and that is the reason why other hockey nations have made great strides in international hockey over the last decade, while we have a nasal diving trend and nowhere in the world World Ranking is what shows that we are a weak side on the world level. “

He said another reason that contributed to the general decline of ice hockey was the abolition of international hockey on Pakistani soil in the last decade. “If overseas teams do not visit the country on a regular basis, it’s an expensive proposition as our players take their game to a higher level as regular trips abroad are organized,” the team officer said.

Commenting on a request, he said that there is no information available to the team management that the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has decided not to participate in the Pro League for financial reasons. “I am optimistic that the PHF will provide the necessary funds to secure Pakistan’s participation in the league in order to revive the dwindling assets of ice hockey.

“Following the same scenario, there has been a recent question mark about the participation of the Pakistani team in international events and, finally, the PHF has succeeded in getting the funds to send their team abroad, and this time hopefully it will also be a means ensure the team’s participation in the Pro League, “he added.

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