Pakistani Football Captain Saddam Hussain Was Astonished After Sharing The Stage With Kaka And Figo

That was amazing, I’m just happy that I’m on the same stage as her. “Pakistani captain Saddam Hussain said when he returned to his place after embracing the football greats of Portuguese Luis Figo and Brazilian Ricardo Kaka, who promised to come back to Pakistan in April when the World’s Pearl Continental Hotel debuted on Thursday Soccer Stars (WSS) of the TouchSky Group (TSG) was launched at the Hotel Pearl Continental.

The press conference with Figo and Kaka was more promotional than Ahmer Kunwar told TSG that this is the way to bring authentic international football to Pakistan while hoping to soften the country’s image close.

But the worst moment involved the players, and that’s what we mean for Pakistani international Saddam and midfielder Saadullah, who sat in a corner before the event waited for Figo and Kaka.

In one moment they were fans and in another they saw their idols, where Saddam also had the opportunity to share the stage when one of the local journalists pointed out that the captain of the national team was in the crowd.

“I like Figo, I really like Kaka,” Saddam told the Express Tribune. “They are big players, they come to Pakistan, it’s a good thing, it can inspire others, but above all, I want to see more football for the youth in the country. This was an honor, I’m just happy, I’m thankful. I did not know if I would have a chance to be on stage. “

Meanwhile, Saadullah sat quietly and it felt like he was being left out for a while. Previously, however, both shared why they like Kaka and Figo.

“Figo is a great player, his stats are amazing, but I really liked Kaka’s style. His playing at AC Milan back then, “said Saddam, while Saadullah believes the Brazilian’s pace as an attacking midfielder was impressive.

On the other hand, the event promised that the Figo and Kaka will return to Pakistan on April 26 and 29.

“First of all thank you, this is my first time in Pakistan. I know that there is a great passion for football in the country. We will try to develop football in this part of the country. And do a lot of advertising and come back with 10 legends for the World Soccer Stars next April, “said Figo.

Kaka added that this was his first trip to Pakistan, but he was happy to be here. “I have a very good impression of Pakistan and the people here. I will be back in April. “

The announcement of Figo and Kaka, who came to Pakistan, took place on 4 January. Both stars published messages for Pakistanis in their social media accounts. Pakistan coach Jose Noguiera was also involved in the event.

Both players were also open to questions in which Figo said that he would prefer Real Madrid over Barcelona, ​​although many Barcelona fans were there. He touched his best years with Barcelona and then switched to the rivals.

“I’m a member and supporter of Real Madrid,” Figo said of the question.

Both players also highly praised Ronaldo Luis Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo when one of the journalists asked what figure Figo and Kaka would choose as both had played with both Ronaldos.

“I do not compare players because of their different style, I enjoyed playing with both of them, I can not choose one,” said Figo.

Kaka added that he felt blessed to have played with Nazario in Milan and Cristiano in Madrid. “I’m just thankful that these two great players have made history in football.”

On another question, Figo said that emerging talents should keep an eye on their dreams, but opportunities should be created for youth, and Kaka said he is currently working on a football development program in Brazil, but he would like to bring it along as well Pakistan, when the time comes.

The international event is the brainchild of a British-born Pakistani and TSG CEO Kunwar. He said that he wants to build cultural bridges through sports and even music.

The host was actor Bilal Ashraf, who believes that the event will do wonders for Pakistan at home and abroad.

Updated: January 11, 2019 — 10:09 am

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