Pakistani Kids Show Their Talent In Gazprom Football International championship In Madrid

Pakistani children showed their talent at the International World Cup for Children Gazprom Football For Friendship in Madrid.

Up to 57 nations participate in the event. Fahad Khan, head of the Pakistani delegation, presented shirts to footballers from around the world as a gesture of goodwill.

“With five children, the Pakistani delegation consists of eight delegates who appeared on May 28 as part of the Gazprom Football For Friendship international social children’s program,” Fahad told The News. “Pakistan has the opportunity to participate in this global event for the third year in a row,” he added.

The program is supported by major media groups around the world, including Euronews and RT. Partner is also Paigham-e-Pakistan, a project of the Pakistani government.

Over the past two years, Pakistani delegations led by Fahad have played a crucial role in promoting Pakistan’s true image. Last year, Sarang Baloch, who comes from Dera Ismail Khan, represented Pakistan as a football ambassador. He was also the first Pakistani to fly the flag of Pakistan at the opening ceremony of the 2018 FIFA World Cup ™ in Moscow.

Farhad Mehboob from South Punjab accompanied him as a young journalist. “The children who represent Pakistan include Ibrahim Zaheer, Monas Ibrahim, Mujtaba Imran and Arham Kamran,” said Fahad. “They were selected by the Football For Friendship Global Committee.

As part of Football For Friendship, various events have been organized in partnership with Paigham-e-Pakistan, including children’s games, workshops, meetings with government officials and showbiz people. Through these events, a message of peace, love and brotherhood among children of different religious and social backgrounds was spread in Pakistan.

Children from the Sikh, Hindu, Christian and other communities were involved. These kids played Football For Friendship Unity on May 24th. On May 25, a workshop was held that also involved community leaders from various religious groups, “he said.

Since arriving in Madrid, the Pakistani delegation has been able to perform excellently, Fahad said. Children have performed well in their respective fields.

Pakistani children mingled with children of other nationalities. During the celebrations at the International Children’s Press Center, the Pakistani delegation presented the organizers and former football players with the jerseys of the official Pakistani football team.

The recipients included the director of Gazprom Football For Friendship, Valdimir Serov, Alexei Smertin, the director of the Russian Football Association, and others.

Fahad, who was invited to speak about FIFA fair play, spoke in front of delegates from the participating countries. In a one-hour speech, he highlighted the nine values of Football for Friendship and the FIFA Fair Play Codex.

High-profile coaches from around the world participated in the speech, most of them pro license coaches. After the International Football for Friendship Forum, Fahad said to the media, “For me, Pakistan is a winner in this program because we had the opportunity to showcase our talent on a global scale and to present to the world our true image as an athlete. and peace-loving nation. “

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