Patience Will Be The Key To Get Smith’s Wicket: Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss, the former captain of England, has called on England to be patient in the search for Steve Smith’s wicket.

Smith was the outstanding batsman for Australia in the first Ashes test: his two centuries are a continuation of the form he showed in the previous home series against England. His average in the last six ash tests is unbelievable 139.

Smith’s armor seems to have few cracks. England has brought Jack Leach, the spinner with the left arm, into the squad to give herself the opportunity to exploit the hint of one. Overall, however, the former Australian skipper has proved to be outstanding and is still the biggest challenge as Joe Root and his men want to return after a 1-0 deficit in the series.

Strauss, who led England to victory in the ashes in 2009, urged the English bowlers to keep it simple. “If you look at the first innings, he played and missed very early … I do not think it’s a case of reinventing the wheel,” he said.

“A good ball for other people is a good ball for him, but maybe a bit wider, he played brilliantly, fantastic good, but he will eventually steal one.”

“Bowlers need to be prepared to be patient.”

The piece on Lord’s first day on Wednesday, August 14th, was washed out. While no litter could take place, England confirmed a debut for Jofra Archer. Archer received his test cap from Chris Jordan, his compatriot in England, who has been instrumental in supporting Archers trip from Barbados to the English cricket team.

Archer had kept his nerve to win the Super Over, which won England at the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019, and Strauss also has high expectations of him in cricket with red balls. “He has pace, he’s precise, he has a good change,” Strauss said, though he added a note of caution. “I think he will be a fantastic English bowler and have a long career [but] we can not expect him to be the answer to all our prayers.

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