PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani Should Focus On Cricket

Senator Enver Baig, former Senate Senate committee, has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to release the additional burden on the Task Force for the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which has recently led to a weak show by the test team.

Speaking to The News, Baig was surprised to see the head of the circuit board, Ehsan Mani, being given double responsibility.

The prime minister should not overstress Mani for transforming sports in Pakistan into the head of the task force. Most of all, our test cricket got messed up because Mani focused on other things instead of making necessary result-oriented changes in the setup. “

The Senator also claimed that the performance of test and one-day teams has deteriorated.

“The Pakistani team are playing tests and one-dayers as if they had only 20 overs. This attitude of the bats is anything but professional. Cricket is a game in the country where a player receives the necessary financial support, but his performance is not up to date and there is absolutely no sign of improvement. “

Baig also questioned the firepower of the Pakistani bowlers. “The times are over when you needed bowlers at a speed of about 135 km / h. Now the requirement is to have at least two bowlers in the gambling XI, which have the potential to roll regularly around 145 km. This is not the case with the Pakistani test team, which leads to poor performance.

“Where Yasir does not deliver Shah, you need a runabout. The majority of bowlers and some older players seemed exhausted and overwhelmed. It is necessary to prepare the backup and to include the element of professionalism in the team.

“Due to Mani’s urgent commitments, he could not fully concentrate on cricket. There is an urgent need to improve the national team’s test and one-day performance. Bats do not deliver, but nothing has been done so far. “

He also asked questions to the coach of Mickey Arthur, who dealt with the Pakistani team.

“It is the head coach’s responsibility to eliminate the batsmen’s mistakes. On the contrary, lately we’ve seen Pakistan’s thugs fall one after another like nine pins. What is the benefit of a trainer when he can not fix repeated errors? It’s high time for Arthur to show up as a coach. “

Baig also raised a question on the selection questions and said that despite repeated failures, there were still some close and dear selection members in attendance.

“Those showing domestic performances should be given the opportunity instead of being blue-eyed.”

He also expressed surprise at a recent statement by Wasim Akram, a member of the PCB Cricket Committee, which said there was no representative to replace Sarfraz as a test captain.

“Wasim is my favorite player, but what he said is surprising. Sarfraz as captain is not indispensable. If this is the case, I am afraid that the circuit board has done nothing lately. If you do not know who should replace the test captain, there is an error on the circuit board. “

“Mani has to focus on cricket mistakes that are getting bigger day by day. For the task force, the government should consider other options. “

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