PCB’s Former Chairman Claimed: Pakistan’s Defeat Against Bangladesh In 1999 Cricket World Cup Was Suspicious

Although it has been 19 years since Pakistan lost a decisive World Cup match against Bangladesh, the cause of the defeat remains a hot topic in cricket circles.

The former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Khalid Mehmood, who was removed from his post immediately after the 1999 World Cup defeat, spoke to Geo News’ program score on the subject. The then chairman called the then squad “suspicious” and said that the then coach Javed Miandad had expressed doubts about the players and expressed concerns before the World Cup.

Khalid Mehmood talked about Miandad’s resignation before the 1999 World Cup and said that the reason for Miandad’s resignation was due to the team’s “suspicious” defeat on 12 April 1999 against England. He added that he felt the same way.

According to the former chairman, Pakistan’s defeat of Bangladesh in 1999 under the leadership of Waseem Akram was “surprising”. He said it was a surprise that made him both worried and angry at the same time, adding that a proper investigation into the matter should have taken place as the team had lost the match despite the presence of many reputable players in the squad.

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