PHF Official Should Resign Due To Pakistan Suspension In Pro League

Manzoor Junior, the only living ice hockey legend to win all of the international gold medals, has called on the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) representatives to resign because they have no real right to continue after the country’s international suspension.

Manzoor Junior spoke on Tuesday at the hockey stadium Naseer Budna in front of the Olympic champions with the Prime Minister of Provincial Coordination (IPC), Dr. Ing. Fahmida Mirza, and IPC Secretary Akbar Hussain Duranni in Islamabad. Those calling for the IPC minister included the Olympians Rashid Junior, Khawaja Junaid, Khalid Bashir, Salim Nazim, and PHF Congressman Ali Abbas.

“After the worst result in international hockey and the recent FIH ban, PHF officials have no right to continue. They would have had to resign there when FIH banned Pakistan, “said the winner of the gold medals at the Olympics, World Championships, Champions Trophy and Asian Games.

He said during the meeting that Olympians have called on the government, through a minister, to investigate the perpetrators of this ban. “The PHF officials, especially the former secretary, have been shown to threaten the government to pull the FIH Pro League team out.

Later, when the FIH Executive Committee made the decision, the same official belonged to the Executive Committee, which had announced the suspension in Pakistan. I firmly believe that officer is behind the suspension, “said Manzoor Junior.

The team captain of the 1984 Olympic gold medalists said the government had given them enough funding to serve the association for more than five years.

“My question is whether it was even necessary to send a team to Canada when the PHF knew that the Pro League commitments were imminent. On this unfortunate trip to Canada, Pakistan conceded 27, scoring just one goal. PHF spent millions and millions of rupees and won nothing on this tour, “he said. He supported and supported the announcement by the government not to support PHF until the completion of the forensic audit report.

“The government is right, because it provided PHF with enough money and resources. All the merits and benefits have run out, “said Manzoor Junior, flanked by Khalid Bashir and Saleem Nazim, who blamed Pakistani hockey for killing PHF by putting domestic hockey activity under pressure.

He also questioned the legality of the current officials and said that the PHF elections were questionable. “Under the rules of the Olympic Association of Pakistan (POA), the associations must vote for election within six months of the end of their term of office. This rule was not followed by PHF, so an action is pending against it. “

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