Premier League Title Race: Do you know that liverpool win The Premier League ever?

Liverpool are still four points clear of the Premier League after four defeats by Manchester City on Thursday. Manager Jürgen Klopp says the Reds form is still impressive because they did not win the title.

The Manchester game was considered by many to be an early title decider, with a Liverpool victory giving them a 10-point lead after 17 games after playing home and away in the city.

The goals of Sergio Aguero and Leroy Sane, who both face a Robert Firmino equalizer, ended Liverpool’s unbeaten Premier League campaign and brought City into the immediate vicinity of the top spot.

“If someone had told me after two games against Man City that we had a four-point lead, I would have paid good money for that because I thought it was impossible.

“If we had won the title five times in the last ten years, things would be different. We have no such experience, we are still in a very good position, so I’m happy about it.”

“I knew City could beat us, that’s not new, they defeated us 5-0 last year. “It had nothing to do with mental strength on one side or the other, it was just bad luck.”

Has Liverpool ever won the Premier League?
No, the Reds do not have to raise the title of the Premier League since it was founded in 1992.

Liverpool’s last major league title came in the 1989-90 season. But the men of Klopp are currently facing a double thirst to end this year’s success in the league.

Betfair makes Liverpool’s 8/13 favorite championship title in May, while Man City is just behind with a 13/10 quota. While Liverpool’s Betway claims Liverpool to be the Premier League champions for the first time after losing 4/5, Manchester City is only 6/5.

With Betway it’s half a minute that the title falls far into the season. City 10/3 and Liverpool 7/2 have done it with 1-3 points.

Alan Alger of Betway said: “Manchester City has gained a valuable lead in league leaders Liverpool. With the gap narrowing to only four points, we have managed 13/8 to reach this year’s Premier League title until the final game of the season.

“We also offer 1/2 for May as the month in which a winner is crowned and do not expect both sides to get away with it in the spring.”

Can Liverpool go all the way?
Former Liverpool coach Graeme Souness insisted the Reds retain pole position in the Premier League title despite their first defeat of the season against their rivals Man City.

He said, “Liverpool is in good shape, ask both managers what position they are in right now – they’ll take the four points at the top of the league, especially with the run-in that Liverpool has.”

Souness’ view was supported by former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher. Carragher added: “This game was about ‘Liverpool could get 10 points clear’, much of the conversation was Liverpool, Liverpool.

“Over the next few days, there’s a lot of talk in the press about Man City, Man City is back in the running and they’re favorites to win the league.”

“Liverpool just has to take his medication, just relax, calm down, play the FA Cup game, no matter what, which team he chooses, but then I think Brighton will play Liverpool next … Four points clear are still a really good position, and the form they have shown, certainly against teams outside the top six, they have come a lot from these games.

“Liverpool just has to relax, make some winnings and maybe improve the lead when it comes to up to six weeks next month, but they’re in a fantastic position.”

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