Ranji Trophy 2019-2020 R5. Day 3: Updates and Results

The third day of the fifth round in the Ranji Trophy 2019-20 ended today. Jalaj Saxena for Kerala, Jaydev Unadkat for Saurashtra and Naman Ojha performed brilliantly for MP. Apart from this, the team of Bihar won a spectacular victory.

Let’s look at the round-up of the third day’s game:

Group A

Gujarat vs Rajasthan

In reply to Gujarat’s first innings of 325 runs, Rajasthan have scored 327 runs for 7 wickets.

Kerala vs Punjab

Kerala defeated Punjab by 21 runs. Punjab scored 218 runs in response to Kerala’s first innings total of 227 runs. Kerala scored 136 runs in the second innings but the Punjab team was reduced to just 124 runs. Jalaj Saxena took 8 wickets in the match.

Hyderabad vs Andhra

In reply to Hyderabad’s first innings of 225 runs, Andhra declared their innings by scoring 489 runs for 9 wickets. Hyderabad score 45/3 in the second innings and are currently 219 runs behind.

Group B

Uttar Pradesh vs Baroda

In response to Uttar Pradesh’s first innings total of 431 runs, Baroda have lost 8 wickets for just 179 runs. They are currently behind by 252 runs.

Mumbai vs Tamil Nadu

Mumbai scored 488 runs in the first innings thanks to Aditya Tare’s 154 runs. In reply, Tamil Nadu have scored 249 runs for 7 wickets. Ashwin is at the crease after scoring 32 runs.

Saurashtra vs Karnataka

Saurashtra declared their first innings by scoring 581 runs for 7 wickets. Cheteshwar Pujara played a tremendous innings of 248 and Sheldon Jackson scored 161 runs. In reply, Karnataka were reduced to just 171 runs in the first innings. Jaydev Unadkat took 5 wickets. Karnataka score 30/0 in the second innings playing followon.

Madhya Pradesh vs Railways

In response to Madhya Pradesh’s first innings of 154 runs, Railways scored 244 to take a lead of 90 runs. In the second innings, MP has taken a lead of 188 runs by scoring 308 runs for 5 wickets. Captain Naman Ojha scored 118 runs.

Group C

Chhattisgarh vs Assam

In reply to Chhattisgarh’s first innings total of 318, Assam scored 464 for 9 wickets in the first innings. Captain Gokul Sharma scored a century. Riyan Parag scored 60 runs. In the second innings, Chhattisgarh scores 25/1.

Tripura vs Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand were reduced to just 90 runs in the first innings. In reply, Tripura declared the innings by scoring 279 runs for 5 wickets. Uttarakhand’s score was 21/1 in the second innings.

Maharashtra vs Jharkhand

Jharkhand were reduced to just 170 runs in response to Maharashtra’s 434-run first innings run. Jharkhand score 27/1 in the second innings.

Jammu and Kashmir vs Services

Jammu and Kashmir scored 360 runs in the first innings. Captain Parvez Rasool played an unbeaten innings of 182 runs. In reply, Services scored 242 runs. J&K scores 184/5 in the second innings.

Haryana vs Odisha

Odisha needs just 32 more runs to win. Odisha scored 160 runs in response to Haryana’s first innings of 90 runs. In the second innings, Haryana scored 248 runs, in response, Odisha scored 147 runs for 7 wickets.

Plate Group

Nagaland vs Arunachal Pradesh

Nagaland declared the first innings by scoring 534 runs for 7 wickets. In response, Arunachal Pradesh scored 460 runs. Rahul Dalal remained unbeaten after scoring 267 runs. Nagaland has scored 10 runs in the second innings.

Chandigarh vs Sikkim

In reply to Sikkim’s 264 runs, Chandigarh scored 360 runs. In the second innings, Sikkim scored 69/3.

Bihar vs Manipur

Bihar won by an innings and 183 runs. Bihar scored 431 runs in the first innings. In response, Manipur could score only 94 and 154 runs.

Goa vs Puducherry

Puducherry scored 260 runs in response to Goa’s first innings of 270 runs. Paras Dogra scored 194 runs. In the second innings, Goa have scored 229 runs for 5 wickets.

Mizoram vs Meghalaya

Meghalaya scored 662 for 4 wickets in the first innings. Ravi Teja scored an unbeaten innings of 204 and Sanjay Yadav scored 254 runs. Apart from this, Dipu Sangma scored 114 runs. Meghalaya scores 114/7 in reply.

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