Ranji Trophy 2019-2020 R6 Day 3: Updates and Results

On the third day of the sixth round of Ranji Trophy, some teams won and some teams suffered defeat. Bengal defeated Hyderabad by an innings and 303 runs. Interestingly, Bengal batsman Manoj Tiwari scored 303 not out in the first innings. Cheteshwar Pujara is playing 64 runs for Saurashtra.

The brief condition of the third day is as follows:

Group A

Punjab vs Gujarat

Chasing a target of 220 runs from Gujarat, Punjab have scored 87 runs for four wickets. They need 133 more to win now.

Delhi vs Vidarbha

Vidarbha scored 330 for three in the second innings, giving Delhi a target of 347 runs. Delhi have scored 10 runs without any loss.

Bengal vs Hyderabad

Bengal defeated Hyderabad by an innings and 303 runs. Manoj Tiwari scored an unbeaten 303 for Bengal in the first innings as well.

Group B

Baroda vs Himachal Pradesh

Himachal scored 496 runs in the first innings. In response, Baroda scored 150 runs for two wickets.

Mumbai vs Uttar Pradesh

In this match, Mumbai have scored 353 runs for five wickets in the first innings. They are currently 272 runs behind UP. Sarfaraz Khan scored an unbeaten 132 runs.

Saurashtra vs Madhya Pradesh

Playing in the second innings, Saurashtra scored 165 runs for two wickets to take a total lead of 229 runs. Cheteshwar Pujara is playing for 64 runs

Group C

Uttarakhand vs Jharkhand

Jharkhand have scored 76 runs for one wicket chasing the target of 203 runs from Uttarakhand, they need 127 runs to win.

Odisha vs Jammu and Kashmir

In this match, Odisha gave a target of 204 runs to Jammu and Kashmir which Jammu and Kashmir achieved by losing six wickets.

Haryana vs Services

In this match, the Services achieved the target of 213 runs from Haryana by losing 9 wickets.

Tripura vs Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh defeated Tripura by an innings and 28 runs.

Assam vs Maharashtra

Chasing a target of 297 runs from Maharashtra, Assam have scored 12 runs without losing wickets. They need 285 more runs now.

Plate Group

Chandigarh vs Goa

Playing in the second innings, Goa scored 87 runs for 2 wickets. They need 242 runs to avoid defeat by the innings.

Nagaland vs Bihar

Bihar has a strong position in this match. Nagaland have scored 76 runs for two wickets in the second innings and they need just 267 runs to avoid defeat from the innings.

Puducherry vs Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh suffered a drastic defeat by 296 runs. Arunachal’s team was chasing a target of 369 runs and was dismissed for 72 runs.

Mizoram vs Sikkim

Mizoram defeated Sikkim by 78 runs.

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