Rollins, Lynch vs Corbin, Evans confirm for Extreme Rules

WWE’s next pay-per-view WWE Extreme Rules will feature a mixed tag team match between Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Raw Women’s Champion Backy Lynch.

In the WWE Extreme Rules, both of these superstars will face their Stomping Grounds pay-per-view rival Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in a mixed tag match. This will be a winner takes all-match.

In the WWE Stomping Grounds PPV, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch had defeated Lecey Evans and retained the title, the same Universal Champion Sath Rollins saved the title by defeating Corbin. Lacey Evans was the Special Guest Referee in the Universal Championship match at Stomping Grounds, and Evans tried her best to help Baron Corbin win the match, but Lynch came there and attacked Evans and after that Another referee comes in the match and Seth Rollins retains his Universal Championship.

Today’s Raw is started by Seth Rollins and then comes Becky Lynch and both talk about things happened in Stomping Grounds. After this the music of the Corbin plays, but Lacey Evans comes, after this, the Corbins also come in the ring, but both Seth and Becky put them out of the ring.

After this, Corbin and Evans talked about what happened in the Stomping Grounds and demanded a mixed tag team match for WWE Extreme Rules, and Lynch accepted the match demand with this condition that if Becky and Rollins win then Corbin and Lacey Evans will not get anymore title opportunities.

Corbin and Evans wanted to add another condition in the match, which Rollins accepted without hearing, and then Corbin announced that the WWE Extreme Rules would be “Winner Takes All” in the match.

In the WWE Extreme Rules Pay-per-view, if Corbin and Lacey Evans succeed in winning, they will get their own championship of the division. The WWE Extreme Rules PPV will be held on 14th July (July 15th in India).

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