Romania vs Japan Live Today | 24th IHF Women’s Handball World Championship Japan | Wednesday 11 December 2019

“Romania vs Japan” is the 3rd match of the day and it will go live from Park Dome Kumamoto on local time at 18:00. The 24th IHF Women’s Handball World Championship Japan is going very well because each match is interesting and thrilling some upsets also happening each day during this tournament.

This is the main round group 2 match where the current situation of both teams is very interesting because both have no points even they have already played 4,4 matches and today will be the 5th match.

We know Romania is very good at IHF ranking as they are standing at 5th number and Japan at the 15th number at the moment.

Teams Squad For “Romania vs Japan” | The 24th Women’s Handball World Championship Japan 2019

Romania Squad Against Japan

Romania Squad Against Japan

Luganu, Pintea, Ciuca, Perianu, Zamfirescu, Dumanska, polocoser, Neagu, Deche, Pristavita, Vizitiu, Udristrioiu, Dedu, Florica, Ostase, Seraficeanu

Japan Squad Against Romania

Japan Squad Against Romania

Fujita, Sasaki, Hida, Ishitate, Nagata, Tanabe, Lkehara, Tada, Horikawa, Kametani, Kawata, Katsuren, Sunami, Ohyama, Shiota, YUi Sunami

How to watch “Women’s Handball World Championship Japan 2019” live online? | Where can we see this tournament live?

we can watch this event live at the following address:

Women’s Handball World Championship Japan 2019

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