Russia vs Japan Play-Off 3rd Place Highlights | Russia Win Bronz | Sunday 1st December 2019

Russia defeated Japan 5: 4 and finished third at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019.

Japan captain Ozu, who had not had a chance after his penalty shoot-out in the semifinals, showed tremendous strength in preparing for his first goal, beating Dmitry Shishin to a loose ball before scoring for Takuya Akaguma.

Russia responded with two goals from Fedor Zemskov and Andrei Novikov before Akaguma scored his second goal and hit Ozu from close range to give Japan the lead in the opening half.

Takaaki Oba and Zemskov scored goals at the end of the second half – Zemsvok’s acrobatic free-kick was the best in the game.

Alexey Makarov brought a good piece of skill to the point and threw the ball over Oba before he equalized in the closing stages for Russia.

Zemskov finished his hat-trick from close range after Shingo Terukina spilled a shot, taking Russia to the podium at Paraguay in 2019. This is a repeat of his performance at the last World Cup in Portugal 2015.

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