Sana Mir Receives Asia Game Changer Award | She Doesn’t Forget The Difficult Early Days

Pakistani Sana Mir may have recorded the crunching peaks in women’s cricket, but she does not forget the difficult beginnings when she was surrounded by obstacles and faced doubters.

I am awarded the Asia Game Changer Award for her contribution to sport and as inspiration for women in Pakistan. Before the occasion, she remembered the challenges she had faced during her founding years, and skeptics questioned her decision to start the game.

“When I started in 2005, people asked me why I did that [and told myself] it’s not a game for women,” Mir was quoted by the Asia Society.

After I started playing street cricket at the age of five, Mir faced the lack of appropriate exposure, like so many other aspiring cricketers in the country. Unimpressed, she began to play in the boys teams and slowly rose. She joined the end of 2005 the women’s team and was promoted to captain in 2009. Already next year, she led Pakistan at the Asian Games to gold.

Along with the team’s success, Mir’s personal success came as an off-spin bowler. In October 2018, she became the first woman from her country to reach No. 1 in the ODIs, and in May this year, she became the most successful spinner of one-day women. She was recently admitted to the ICC Women’s Committee.

The achievements have attracted the public’s attention, which, in my opinion, has changed the perception of women’s cricket in the country.

“When I talk to people now, they say, ‘We are so proud of the team. We want our daughters to be part of this team. ‘They ask how they can become part of this team. The mentality and perception has changed. “

I have also been inspirational in the field and have a voice in social media that often speaks out to comment on social issues. She believes that obstacles can not stop the hard work of inspired women entering the sport and making a name for themselves.

“Any girl in Pakistan who does hard work and stays true to the game can do it in every sport.”

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