Scottish Midfielder is producing hand sanitizer for under-resourced health workers

Do you know a football player producing Hand Sanitizer? As the fight against COVID-19 continues, individuals and organizations around the world are doing what they can to do it?

Why she is producing Hand Sanitizer?

Glasgow City Council is no exception, and the Scottish local authority has recently released a video of its scientific services team working to help health workers at the forefront.

The footage of a scientist wearing glasses, who adapted her laboratory work to the production of the much-needed hand disinfectant, would have been commendable in all circumstances. But football fans with eagle eyes quickly noticed that this was not an ordinary scientist.

It was Jo Love: 191-time Scottish international and veteran of the FIFA Women’s World Cup last year.

With the help of info from @WHO, the lab team have started making hand sanitiser in the council lab to support colleagues during the national shortage – They are also supporting businesses making sanitiser by testing their products for effectiveness & safety 💪#TeamWork #StaySafe— Glasgow City Council #StayHome (@GlasgowCC) March 31, 2020

On the day the video was released, Love and her Glasgow City club should have been in Germany to prepare for the quarter-finals of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Fate and a global pandemic naturally had other ideas, so the Scottish star could make the most of a strange and unprecedented situation.

“I definitely didn’t expect that,” she admitted, speaking to “But the whole world is adapting to this new situation and human health is of paramount importance. So I’m just happy to do everything to help. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what the frontline staff of the NHS (National Health Service) do, but hopefully it makes a little difference.

“If I had the skills and qualifications, I would be at the front. I would like to think that I am a person trying to help others, whether pandemic or not, and in this situation I can only do the hand sanitizer to help the people who do the most.

“With all of this, it became clear early on that there was a lack of disinfectants and alcohol to produce. We jumped on it because we knew we had some supplies in the laboratory and could start production. From there only arms and legs have grown. In fact, we have just received a large order of over 1,000 liters that will speed things up considerably.

“We are currently constantly working on the production of disinfectants. From the chemical side to ordering bottles and labeling, we have become like a small factory. With only three employees, it is difficult to do the laboratory, especially if you take social distance into account. But hopefully, we’ll do enough to make a little difference. “

Before the pandemic, Love’s work focused on consumer protection and assessing the safety of products ranging from fuel to cosmetics to children’s toys. During this career, the 34-year-old also managed to become the best-manned outfield player in Scotland’s history. Since her debut in 2002, she has made almost 200 appearances.

But has it become more difficult to stand up to the steadily growing number of full-time teammates and opponents as the standard of women’s play increases from year to year?

“I like to think I did pretty well. Although I’m not a full-time player, I’ve always tried to maintain high standards and train like a pro. My only problem now is age, and that’s one thing against I can’t do anything!

“If I started playing a few years later than I did, I might have done things differently and looked at the professional route.” But I’m very happy with how everything worked out for me and how I found the balance.

“In the current situation, I definitely think it is easier for me to have a different job than for the other girls. I am grateful that I can concentrate on something else. “

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