Sinan Is Happy To Represent Pakistan In Olympics

The golden boy Sinan Ashfaq Ahmed has sworn to rewrite the history books by representing Pakistan at the Olympics.

Talking to The Nation, 13-year-old Sinan from the United Arab Emirates said: “I am the first Pakistani expat to win gold for the Pakistani team in Fujairah last month while also winning gold in the UAE Open National Taekwondo Championship this month and one gold in the same 2017 event. “

Sinan had also won his first bronze medal for Pakistan at the President World Taekwondo Championship in August 2017 in Tashkent. He received this award at the age of just 12, when he was an 8th grade student at the North American International School in Dubai.

Sinan’s Taekwondo journey started when he practiced martial arts at the age of just six. Later he developed his skills and became a professional athlete.

He said he has played for the Pakistani Taekwondo national team over the past two years. “I was inspired by my older brother Ammar Ashfaq, who is a second Don Black Belt and also plays for the Pakistani national team.

I train at the Sharjah Sport Club with Abdullah Hatim, head coach of the UAE national Taekwondo team and technical director in the Sharjah Sport Club. “

Sinan, who began training with celebrated coach Zeyad Hammad Abu Zahieh, 7th Dan Kukkiwon in Sharjah, and his Pakistani coach Nadir Khan, said he had prepared for the Cadet World Cup in Uzbekistan.

“I am selected to represent Pakistan in more than five events this year, and I plan to represent my country in the Asian Games, the World Cup, and the Olympics.”

Sinan thanked the Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (PTWF) and especially President Lt Col Raja Wasim Ahmed Janjua for the opportunity to play for Pakistan. “The PTWF supports me and I am determined to make Pakistan proud of international events.”

He said the Pakistani government must also promote and support individual sports, as they are the ones who could win medals for the country. “There is currently no financial support for athletes in terms of travel and subsistence, and my dad has to spend that money out of his pocket.

“I ask the Prime Minister and the IPC Minister to help the Federation so that they can continue working to provide facilities to the athletes. For as long as players like me are completely dependent on our parents’ expense, the government should work to ensure that Pakistan continues to win international laurels. “

Sinan’s proud father, Ashfaq Ahmed, who works as associate editor at Gulf News Dubai, said, “As an athlete, I always encourage my children to participate in healthy sports. My wife is equally involved in making my children champions. My children regularly practice the game and focus equally on their studies.

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