Singapore Tourism Board Focuses On Young Athletes Expecting More Than Celebrations For International Marketing

In the recent activation of the ongoing Passion Made Possible campaign, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) focused on aspiring athletes in the city, especially niche sports, instead of marketing Singapore with formulaic top-level sports.

The youth will be shown in a movie “Be Unstoppable” directed at campaign seekers, an important demographic group that appeals to the STB through this activation.

The film was directed by skateboarders, wakeboarders, indoor parachutists, ice hockey players, BMX freestylers and go-kart racers by director Desmond Tan.

Some of these young athletes also offer Tiny Trainer tutorials, a video series in which the gokart racer Christian Ho tells the tennis player Martina Hingis some professional tips on the sport in which he distinguishes himself.

Another segment is “Action Seeker Stories,” in which athletes Kyra Poh and Choo Yi Xuan, who won the Indoor Skydiving World Cup Gold, take the spectators along with swimmer Joseph Schooling for a personal tour of Singapore.

STB has said that Be Unstoppable will be disseminated through both broadcast and online media, while the tutorials and other action-player brand videos will be on social media platforms in major overseas markets.

This activation follows the launch of STB in October 2018 with Fast Forward, a $ 1 million fund, which encourages Singapore-based and Singapore-based content creators to create local content for a global audience.

Terrence Voon, director of STB – Digital and Content, has advised: “Singapore has a passionate community of writers and storytellers who are already producing inspirational content and telling a great story from Singapore as part of our marketing strategy we want to support and support talented individuals in their own country show content in an authentic way about our people, our minds and our attitudes, and Fast Forward hopes to bring more of such ideas and concepts into the story and bring their work to a global stage. “

With this fund, STB wants to support films, videos and animations that present Singapore creatively and bring the brand Passion Made Possible to life.

STB uses the brand Passion Made Possible to market Singapore internationally for tourism purposes. It introduces Singapore’s attitude and attitude: a passionate, never-firm determination and enterprise that is constantly searching for possibilities and reinvention.

The STB has assembled potential visitors according to their lifestyle, interests and wishes. There are seven great “Passion Tribes”:

  1. Gourmets: People who like culinary experiences
  2. Collectors: People who enjoy shopping and curating articles
  3. Explorer: people who want to explore the nature and sights
  4. Action Seeker: People looking for thrills and sporting events
  5. Culture Shaper: People who like to immerse themselves in art and culture
  6. Socialiser: people who enjoy making meaningful connections through music and entertainment
  7. Progressor: Business travelers who make contacts, work together and are innovative

The jury consists of:

Yuni Hadi, Executive Director, Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF)
Benjamin Lee, Head of Digital and Social Content Strategy at Tribal Worldwide; also one of the pioneers of the online personalities of Singapore, commonly known as Mr. Miyagi
Wee Li Lin, director at Bobbing Buoy Films
Terrence Voon, Director of Digital and Content at the Singapore Tourism Board

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