Smith Says England’s Short Ball Tactic Played Into His Hands

Australian star batsman Steve Smith scored an outstanding 211 in Old Trafford’s fourth Ashes test, he explained how England might have fallen into his hands when bowling short.

Smith had suffered a nasty blow from a Jofra Archer bouncer at Lord’s, causing a delayed concussion and forcing him to miss the next game at Headingley.

Smith had given an insecure note to the bouncer in this second test, and England was overly interested in exploiting this apparent weakness. But Australia No. 4 was prepared and ducked and swayed determinedly to make England’s efforts ineffective.

Instead of deceiving him, Smith said the short ball eliminated several other methods of dismissal and worked in its favor in more ways than one.

“I faced a lot of bowling and did not have too many problems,” said Smith, fresh after his third test in two centuries leading his team to 497/8. “The opposing bowling there means they can not hit my pad or knock me off, it also softens the ball and it gets into my hands.”

Overall, Smith, who now has 589 runs in the running series, said 262 ahead of second-best Ben Stokes.

“It was satisfying to get a big score, I was disappointed to miss Headingley but I was not quite right and the right call was made, it gave me time to recover and I felt good confident and put us in a good situation. ” nice position. “

The 30-year-old, who now has 26 tons of testing, did not hesitate to notice that he had had a bit of luck knocking. Early in the day he had not managed to drive down straight, which allowed Archer a very hard counterattack. He had the greatest luck, however, when he prevailed at the first slip on 118 against Ben Stokes and found out that Jack Leach had crossed the line.

“I was lucky, yes, you always need something when you’re doing big runs, it got in my way today, I got it 20 minutes in a hurry [after lunch], and after being caught by no-ball, I got it When I saw my foot over the line, I thought, “How good is that? I can go on. “

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