Starfinder Foundation Impacts The Lives Of Underserved Youth In Greater Philadelphia

Football is much more than just a sport. It has the incredible ability to inspire and change people’s lives in a very positive way. The people behind the Starfinder Foundation knew this and believed in it when they founded the organization in 2002.

Starfinder, based in Philadelphia, USA, aims to provide under-served youth in the city with opportunities to grow in their emotional and physical health and well-being, and to be the world leader for the rest of their lives. They achieve this goal in different ways.

First and foremost, Starfinder offers afternoon and summer programs, which are high quality tutoring for children aged six to 18 years old, and intends to hire teenagers and girls who are underserved by the pay-to-play system.

Starfinder’s values
All kids deserve to learn, grow, and thrive
A strong community is our greatest asset
Young people have a great deal to contribute
Soccer is a powerful vehicle for youth development
Play makes life better

A major goal of the Foundation is to teach children principles such as hard work, discipline and teamwork through football, ultimately changing all aspects of their lives.

They also provide educational resources such as SAT preparatory courses (admissions exam for college admissions in the US), college campus visits and college application guides, as well as their football programs.

Students who come across Starfinder have a 100 percent high school graduation rate and a 92 percent college enrollment rate, which is very high relative to Philadelphia’s public high school graduation rate of just 64 percent.

Perhaps more impressive is the clear impact of their education and investment on children’s lives. 84 percent of returning participants hold leadership positions in their schools and communities.

Some students who have come across Starfinder have played football at university level, which the Foundation celebrates. However, it is clear that the organization creates leaders who will positively impact the world, no matter what they choose to do.

Starfinder is one of several organizations supported by the FIFA Foundation Community Program.

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