The Burnie International Tennis Tournament Helps The Local Economy

It’s time of year to dust off your tennis rackets, win a partner, and get a hit, inspired by the professionals exhibited at Caterpillar Burnie International.

Jason Simmons, tournament operator for Tennis Australia, said the event was an economic ace.

“At the accomodation it was great to bring so many visitors to the city. This has caused us some problems because we are trying to find accommodation for many players. So it’s great to know that the city is very busy, “he said.

“When players come, they not only spend money at the motel, but also go out to eat and buy food in the city.”

Mr Simmons said he had recently been to the waterfront of Burnie, where he saw many players visiting the penguins and enjoying the local attractions.

“It’s great to be able to show the Burnie region. Players take these beautiful memories and photos home and show all their friends and family, “he said.

He said the tournament is known and recognized around the world.

“We’re streaming the event around the world. All games are streamed live, so people see Burnie, and even when they’re not here, they see Burnie on their computer screens, “Simmons said.

“The players like to remember Burnie. The event is known around the world. Many players who used to play here come back. “The tournament was postponed by a week compared to previous years.

“We used to watch the Australian Open, but now we’re in the second week of the Australian Open, which has significantly improved the standard of the field,” said Simmons.

“As players lose at the Australian Open, there is another event that will allow them to stay and play in Australia, instead of losing in Melbourne and going home, they come here, which is fantastic.”

The tournament will take place from the 21st to the 27th of January. The men’s draw starts on Monday and the women’s on Tuesday. The games start at 10 o’clock. In the afternoon, games are planned to put people off work.

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