The KFC Big Bash League Has Confirmed Playing Conditions For 2019-20

Before the upcoming Big Bash season, the league has confirmed changes to the Big Bash games and the introduction of a strategic timeout per innings in each game.

If a final match ends, the teams can now play several super-overs to determine the winner. For a draw less super-over in a regular-season game, the match is called a tie and the points are split.

The new strategic timeout applies to every regular season and final. In each inning, the batting team is offered the opportunity to call a timeout between Overs 7 and 13, with the game interruption after the overrun for a period of 90 seconds.

To the changes of the BBL09 Game Conditions said Alistair Dobson, Head of Big Bash Leagues of Cricket Australia:

“We are always looking for ways to improve competition for our fans, players, and clubs,” he said.

“The super-over was a global discussion point after the ICC Cricket World Cup final. We are pleased to have found a solution that will help teams and fans achieve a more satisfying result in a final.

“The strategic break has been considered and developed in recent years, involving the main players in the game.

“We have seen the strategic timeouts used at other T20 competitions around the world, and we believe the ability to give the hitting team a break adds an extra tactical dimension to the outcome of the game Priority to maximize runs. “

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