This Victory Is More Emotional For Me Than At The 2011 World Cup: Virat Kohli

He was part of India’s winning World Cup campaign in 2011 but felt more “emotional” than ever before after his team’s first test in Australia won, which the captain described as “the greatest achievement” of his career.

By far, this is my best performance. Must be in the heap, “said Kohli, after being the first Indian captain to lead the team to a test run in Australia in 71 years.

The skipper then explained that the Triumph Down Under will be something special for him compared to the World Cup triumph. “I was part of the World Cup team in 2011, but I did not feel like I had not won a World Cup before, played at home and finally won, many seniors had that feeling, so for them, that’s what we achieved Yes, it was a great moment for me to be part of it.

“But if you ask me which moment is more emotional, I would say this, because this is my third tour here and I’ve seen with experience and field experience how hard it is to win here. This view is more emotional for me.” said the skipper. He is well aware of the story, but, as he confessed, he never wanted to challenge anything.

“History is important, it’s obviously a very proud moment, especially since we’ve understood what we’ve been through as a team over the past 12 months, even though changing the story or making history is still not what I think it’s pure satisfaction of the hard work of 12 months, “added Kohli.

For someone who consistently emphasized team performance, Kohli said resistance to the new ball in an unfamiliar opening position was as critical as a century or a big blow.

“If you ask me for a post, Hanuma Vihari, who plays 70 balls with the new ball in MCG, is as tall as anyone who scores 100 or even 70-80, so we recognize posts and we do not look at the post as something standing on the table of honor, “said the eloquent skipper.

What makes the victory even more special is the fact that the team desperately wanted to win a series abroad instead of winning a friendly match. “It will definitely be something special just because we really wanted to win a series away, we did not want to be a marvel of a game.”

“So when we’ve stuck to our task and done what we wanted and got the result, we feel absolutely perfect as a team after doing what we set out to do, not showing it to anyone, but ourselves to prove.” Yes, we could do it and have done it. From this perspective, this is something very special for me, “said Kohli.

Confidence had been the key to this team, but not in an arrogant way, the skipper claimed. “I’m not saying it arrogantly, but I’m telling the truth when I say that we believe so much in ourselves that we can beat anyone anywhere. “He praised the fast bowlers again for their amazing effort.

“Well, the numbers are on the board for everyone and after breaking a record of the West Indian fast bowlers, she speaks volumes – who would have thought a bunch of Indian fast bowlers would break that record, in a single season I have to say a word, and I’m proud of it.

I feel great when I watch these guys in Slip Cordon. Yesterday I did not have to say that I should play a no with 149 clicks with the old ball. 11 batsman. It was his decision. You can see that hunger, and you can see that passion. We would risk everything to win for the team, “said the proud skipper.
The two defeats in South Africa and England were more about correcting the mistakes.

“We’ve just been working to correct the mistakes, so we’ve put a lot of these things on the table, and no one has offended anything, everyone accepted that we made a lot of mistakes in certain areas, and play time and game situation came in these areas better than the opposition.

“This is the progress of a team, it’s pretty basic, but the one thing that we’ve always stuck to good intentions and doing things for the right reasons, we’ve always done something to help the team and that’s why We rewarded with the series win series so “, summarized Kohli aptly.

Updated: January 9, 2019 — 5:06 pm

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